What's your opinion on the Resident Evil movies?

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User Info: Dr_Kain

4 years ago#31
The first one was a better prequel to the games then RE0.

The second one was an interesting take on the Nemesis storyline, for they gave Jill just as much screen time as Alice. I also thought turning Alice into Parasite Eve was a cool idea.

The third was garbage. I hate post-apocalyptic settings the majority of the time and this did nothing to win me over. Not to mention it started the whole "Alice must save everyone all of the time" system.

The fourth, while better than the third, was a load of crap. They finally had Chris in it, they finally did something more with Claire, but Alice had to save them all again. Only problem was, she did not have any super powers, and yet, she still moved as if she did. Plus, how did Umbrella get the Las Plagas when the world was ended before it could be uncovered?

The fifth was one of the worst movies I have seen all year, and this year has been full of utter crap. None of the movie made an ounce of sense, they threw in more "game" characters just for the sake doing so, and they just recycled the same monsters from previous movies.

Degeneration was pretty enjoyable. It felt like watching the cutscenes to a classic RE game, while also giving us a conclusion to Claire's story.

Damnation was okay, but had way too much action in it and a plot that did not make any sense. I did like the return of Mr X though.
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User Info: Dr_Kain

4 years ago#32
Tri3dgE posted...
By RE Movies you mean Degeneration and Damnation, right? If so, they are pretty good as movies themselves. Kinda like Advent Children, if you are a fan of the series they are very well worth watching.

Advent Children is good?
GLaDOS 2012 - At least she admits the cake is a lie.

User Info: CLupula

4 years ago#33
The first one is alright, even almost good in some parts. The second one filled me with rage and I've hated each subsequent entry.

User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#34
First movie is bearable everything after, some of the worst movies to ever see the light of day
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User Info: SilverDragon79

4 years ago#35
I know that it's not a popular opinion around here but I love the movies, it's because of the movies that I started playing this awesome series.

User Info: Snoopydance

4 years ago#36
First one is almost okay, the rest are stupid as hell. The CGI ones are decent, not amazing by any means, but entertaining for fans.

User Info: MikeSSJ part 3

MikeSSJ part 3
4 years ago#37
Phaild posted...
They are great.

Degeneration and Damnation that is.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#38
DocDelicious posted...

The acting kills it for me. And what's her face...the lead...is hideous IMO.

i agree so damrn ugly.

User Info: EndOfDiscOne

4 years ago#39
Kill_Jill_Vol_1 posted...
EndOfDiscOne posted...
Stating with 2 they're fun over the top action movies. The next one is set up to be the best.

Don't waste your money. It was flat out horrible. As much as I love RE, even I couldn't defend it. It abuses deus ex machina so badly, it's not even funny. The only thing they did right was portraying Ada's smug Mary Sue-ness.

I'm talking about the next one. Should be epic. Loved retribution btw, best in the series.

User Info: PurpleNarga

4 years ago#40
Degeneration and Damnation great movies, live action is not very good
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