How are you supposed to get money to buy the Unlimited Ammo Skills?!

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  3. How are you supposed to get money to buy the Unlimited Ammo Skills?!

User Info: Wetboss

4 years ago#21
Dtok posted...
Alright, payout is

3 First Aid Sprays
5,000 on plane
2,000 in Laser Room Box#1
2,000 in Laser Room Box#2
5,000 in Hockey Room Box#1
5,000 in Hockey Room Box#2
4,000 in Hockey Room Box#3

So the overall payout is 23,000 points and 3 First Aid Sprays without the mini-skill bonuses from enemy drops and boxes. This is pretty much the highest payout I can think of for a quick and easy mission.

How long does that take to do?

User Info: lostsoul1312

4 years ago#22
You can do ADA's campaign chapter 2 and make about 35k every 30 minutes on amateur. I think you make something like 45k every 30 minutes on professional but you'll probably want infinite AR rounds if you're gonna do that.
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User Info: Rage028

4 years ago#23
Better yet, play Mercenaries and make 25k+ in 8 minutes?

I've already made 3,000,000 skill points and bought everything but 3 remaining weapon masteries, machine pistol, grenade launcher and crossbow.
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User Info: sadiq2010

4 years ago#24
Infinite handgun 79000

Infinite shotgun 89000

Infinite magnum 99000

Infinite sniper rifle 79000

Infinite machine pistol 89000

Infinite assault rifle 89000

Infinite grenade launcher 99000

Infinite crossbow 79000


702,000 skill points.

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#25
I am on rage. lol...
I like Kana Hanazawa (>_<)

User Info: jsquad4136

4 years ago#26
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You misspelled " typed" "mine" and "thank".

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User Info: FaxModem2000

4 years ago#27
Unlimited ammo makes the game faster and less tedious since you're not search for ammo all the time. Since by the time you can unlock them you'll have the extra skill slot templates unlocked, you can actually have each template set for one weapon type.

I don't bother picking up ammo anymore. I just save it for thrown grenades, bombs and healing aides.

What I do is switch to the weapon I want to use and switch my skill on the fly so I never have to find ammo.

The only big "issue" for me is you tend to get trigger happy and your accuracy suffers by a lot. Even when I think I'm being accurate the result screen shows I have lousy accuracy. It has to do with me over killing. When you don't have to worry about each round counting you tend to fire off more rounds than needed to make sure something is dead.

Also unlike 5, you still have to "reload". So you can still get your butt kicked if you don't reload tactically.
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  3. How are you supposed to get money to buy the Unlimited Ammo Skills?!

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