Now we all know Jake's father but...! [Spoilers]

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  3. Now we all know Jake's father but...! [Spoilers]

User Info: MakouCinSnake

5 years ago#1
Who in the hell did Wesker ''do'' to make Jake born? I mean...he surely couldnt of done something during the Raccoon City Incident. Is it me or are these 2 theories only the possible ones seeing he could be a test-tube baby. 1. Experimented on Jill on RE5? 2. I know I'm assuming since Jake knows chinese so dont hurt me, but Ada Wong?

Sorry but it just bugs me on how they never mentioned Jake's mom AT all. Is it that mysterious to not tell? Also did anyone notice after completing the campaigns, the cutscene collection is barely filled up? Maybe new hidden cutscenes incoming?? What do you think guys?
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User Info: Jackal

5 years ago#2
Eggs taken from Jill.
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User Info: Alky88

5 years ago#3
Jake is 20 so it all happened way before the RC incident.
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User Info: ChibiAsuran

5 years ago#4
The unlockable files from serpent emblems sheds some backstory on that.
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User Info: slugboss

5 years ago#5
Jakes last name was Muller I believe, probably his moms name.
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  3. Now we all know Jake's father but...! [Spoilers]

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