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User Info: LiquidFuze180

5 years ago#11
I felt the same way when I played Leon's campaign. Well, at least the Mercenaries is fun.

Now let's watch the diehard fans rip my post to pieces for having an opinion.
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User Info: WhiteRequiem777

5 years ago#12
LiquidFuze180 posted...
I felt the same way when I played Leon's campaign. Well, at least the Mercenaries is fun.

Now let's watch the diehard fans rip my post to pieces for having an opinion.

How DARE you have an opinion! I spit on your post HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKK puh-TOOH!
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User Info: NINFanboy

5 years ago#13
LiquidFuze180 posted...
I felt the same way when I played Leon's campaign. Well, at least the Mercenaries is fun.

Now let's watch the diehard fans rip my post to pieces for having an opinion.


Nah, it's cool. At least you've played the game before saying you didn't like it. I only hate the people who ***** about the game without even playing it.
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User Info: Mavado 2 Nitara

Mavado 2 Nitara
5 years ago#14
It does feel like a COD campaign put into an RE sort of context. A story that attempts to appear complex by being all over the place and having a lot of explosions. The graphics while somewhat better than RE5 are not as polished. The controls are pretty stupid. I can work with them but they are not intuitive at all, in fact they are amazing in how much they make no sense. Cover mechanic is terribly implemented. There is -a lot- of shooting. The template so far feels like "open door with partner, shoot/run around a lot/QTE or cutscene, rinse repeat". While you could argue it was sort of similar in RE5, that game at least felt like it had some heart in it, and the game design had more of a balance between exploration and shoot-outs, it wasn't a straight up "keep pushing forwards shooting" sort of deal.

Playing RE6 reminds me of better games that it rips off, like RE4 (Bringing Leon back from 4 to star in a main-line title and they put him in this along with Chris who we saw most, Vanquish (third person shooting on current gen done right. Want to implement rolls/slides/cover? All they had to do was look at this ****ing game) , Uncharted 2/3 (all those character animations/little cinematic set pieces or touches that made me cringe and think "You don't give a **** about mindlessly ripping off a popular series like Uncharted in a main-line RE keep on almost impressing me Capcom.")

I already know Capcom are rubbish this gen, but it still comes as a surprise when they readily and so boldly ruin a series as well known as Resident Evil with such a straight face and do not even see how bad this "new RE" is. They actually think this was the best course of action to take, to imitate popular, critically acclaimed games and graft something together using the RE franchise then call it a day. Its just more proof that Capcom is the same company as last gen and before only in name.

They are purely business oriented and not concerned about any sort of innovation or quality. RE6 is all the proof that words cannot quantify. Most of us already know this and stopped feeling upset about it a while ago, I know I did. Anyway, rant over. All I can say is I bought RE6 hoping for something great, hoping that my fears of it being bland and crap were just me succumbing to negative thoughts. I was naive.
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User Info: Rickimaru91

5 years ago#15
El_Zaggy posted...
I feel bad for people who bought this game and are trying to justify their purchase by convincing themselves and others that this is a good game.

and yea it feel like a CoD game but really poorly executed with poor mechanics and poor gameplay.

They should have just make a full 3D movie instead of giving us this pile of s...

The thing is I really love Resident Evil. And this game turned out quite sad.

So all the enjoyment I'm getting from the game is not real? A lot of people may not like the game but then there's a lot of people who do, it certainly isn't badly made. I haven't had a problem with controls or gameplay mechanics and it's far from being similar to COD. Did we even play the same game?

User Info: Rafedx

5 years ago#16
Mavado 2 Nitara posted...
Capcom beat Activision before Black Ops II released, I guess thats mission accomplished for them. Played through Leon's campaign for a few hours, got onto chapter 3. Am already tired of it. The controls are convoluted, the shooting is tiresome and I am not following the story at all. Makes me want to play Vanquish if I'm honest. Same sort of game just not a complete mess. Not a troll topic. A very disappointed RE fan topic. =[

The game is fun but damn after beating Chris's campaign I wanted to just stop playing. The entire Chapter 5 section was horrendous yet the rest of the chapters were fine, even if there were many cheap deaths, but I gotta say the final boss for Chris was terrible, worst boss fight in any game I have played, and the cheap deaths was ludicrous!

Like I said the game is fun, and I am enjoying a lot of the story, characters (I really like the new ones more than I thought I would.) I miss upgrading guns but I can deal with the perk system, the melee is fun, but there are some issues from cheap deaths, areas way to dark (a flashlight would solve that.) the camera is a bit wonky but not to bad once you get used to it, no manual (yes a minor gripe but I am noticing a lot of stuff I didn't know about now that I beat one campaign.) There is a TON of content which is nice as you can dig into the lore and such.

Good game, with some issues and its not as bad as people make it out to be, personally I gave this game a 7.5/10 many good points with some bad design choices and that last boss for Chris was terrible. --> Terra: a Science Fiction Webcomic / Updates every 15th of the month.

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