~ The Mercenaries ~ the numbers and all the info you need

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User Info: biohazard1775

5 years ago#21

User Info: NelloAngelo

5 years ago#22
Appreciate it BIOHAZZARD1.
2-D Teddie :-^

User Info: NelloAngelo

5 years ago#23
This board is so fast heh, page 16. Going to bump the topic one time before I head off to work for the night in case people are interested or want the info.
2-D Teddie :-^

User Info: TheBlueDeath

5 years ago#24
I'd remake the topic once you compile all the info and just make several "placement" posts back to back.
PSN: Swordsman001

User Info: godrifle1

5 years ago#25
Sticky please.

Also, what enemies constitute as bosses?

User Info: Torebackula

5 years ago#26
NelloAngelo posted...
Ah man, anyone know why I cant edit my post to ad the last of the info?

GAMEFAQS only let's you edit posts for about an hour. I'd repost once all info is compiled; I'll request sticky then.
I am gonna pound you so gross later.
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User Info: Musambani

5 years ago#27
Even by transcribing the guide for all these simpletons, nobody will ever do it right.

User Info: IniMiney

5 years ago#28
Where is the F.A.S. in urban chaos?
No fun allowed

User Info: halsfield

5 years ago#29
It says in one of the help messages in the loading screen that you get a time bonus for performing a "counter coup de grace". Does anyone know what exactly that is? Is it doing a counter move in melee that drops the opponent and then using a finisher on top of it?

I also thought a coup de grace was a move like stomping on the enemies head while they were down or smashing their face with a gun butt. A coup de grace in a traditional sense is a killing blow used to kill a wounded or dying enemy/animal/etc. If an arm stun + melee = coup de grace and the ground stomp to the face doesn't, that is really weird, but I'm not doubting it if you say you have tested it out.
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