Chris chapter 5 i just cant escape the BOW

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User Info: leo2012

5 years ago#21
Alky88 posted...
You broke a 60 $ game for this? Are you serious? Lol...
As far as I can tell you probably weren't dashing at all because there's no way you could die before the slide.

I kept dying after the fall. Capcom are idiots for putting that part in the game who cares i got money i work in IT, i just wont buy any other crap that capcom puts out taht simple

User Info: leo2012

5 years ago#22
Duffy12323 posted...
I use to rage break my games all the time when I was younger. Don't feel bad.

Pretty frickin' hilarious though.

thanks you under stand me, i dont enjoy being pissed off beleive me my girlfriend does not like it either but i feel so cheated by capcom on this, there is a limit dying 30 times trying to get pass that crappy level no way done with the game next

User Info: Zed7777ZR1

5 years ago#23
well you crybaby ... all you had to do is time the sldie so you can get up and jumb over to get it right ...

unless you're such a dummy you can't even look up some guide that specifically tell you that this is the only time in the game where you have to time the slide right ...

User Info: leo2012

5 years ago#24
Mr_Big_Boss posted...
I was having as much trouble as you were on this part, I eventually realized that you just have to hold the X button the entire time and he'll jump automatically.

Their cinematic attempts at looking like Uncharted failed big time.

I did everything everything holding x all the time, running jumping i died when i threw pierce in the air and he failed to catch me, then i died cause i was not fast enough, then i died after the slide, some times he did slide other he crawled under.

Honestly after 30 times i was going crazy, btw its was about 10 times yesterday and i stopped playing, laid down the game calm down and said hey been playing a lot i need to rest, then today i decided i would beat it, so far the game was excellent,

But after 30 times and so many cheap death yea i got the dvd out and threw it around until it broke. I felt very cheated by capcom after all when you play casual or on easy mode you expect to get a good challenge but not frustrating.

Hell max payne3 on easy was hell to finish but i did it, all uncharted games too, but i had fun playing.

That part in resident evil 6 killed the game for me, killed my fun factor.

Big FU to capcom for screwing this part

User Info: leo2012

5 years ago#25
I know its 60$ but i will learn to rent games before buying them will be a lot less frustrating.

User Info: xthunder7283

5 years ago#26
this guy was saying the same thing about ORC like a month ago
he's either a troll or needs anger management
(the complaining about the game being too hard and hating it because of that one thing)
PSN: RussRock7283

User Info: 1jin3x

5 years ago#27
where did you die the most? just from running, constantly running to the wall/edge, or usually after when the boss slams his hand down and you shoot him away?
for piers part, i just spammed circle when i threw him up. i realized that you'll die at that part too if you move away from the spot by a little, which is kinda annoy...and the sliding really has to be timed because if you go into crawl mode, it's always a guaranteed death.
it did take me a good few tries at this part but i managed to get through it. sucks to death the game is broken :(

User Info: Gunzleader

5 years ago#28
AdaSandwich posted...

Funny because I did this on my first try on professional without ever playing it before xP

get the hell over yourself your not special.
im not a troll sorry if i offend you in anyway. RIP Everquest Online Adventures 2003-2012

User Info: dj_ouro

5 years ago#29
this part of the game is complete garbage and whoever came up with it should be fired on the spot.

i was so close of just chucking my controller to the wall.
"Mans worst enemy - Time"

User Info: EnchantingEmber

5 years ago#30

TC breaking his game and tossing his controller had me in tears of laughter. This part in the game was ridiculous, though. Even I was cussing the tv and the camera angles. I died quite a bit, along with the AI.
Around the corner mourners, murders
...We're just survivors in the city...
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