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User Info: kingbongbundy

5 years ago#151
add me


free punch and pie for every one who invites

User Info: One pogi pinoy

One pogi pinoy
5 years ago#152
Add me: Racer_CV
I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everybody. - Bill Cosby

User Info: BigBoss_T

5 years ago#153
I've added some of you, feel free to add me too.

ID: BigBossTone
Soon: , MGRising,RE6,Hitman,MGS:GZ.

User Info: D_dee

5 years ago#154
Add me D_Silver

User Info: melvinmaverick

5 years ago#155
Add me Guys


User Info: Lugadokastro

5 years ago#156
Add me on look for lugadokastro

User Info: damblo

5 years ago#157
PSN lionheat, White Knight 2 ID: Mireille Lvl80 GR30 Bow/SS
Barry: "That was too close. You were almost a Jill sandwich."- RE1

User Info: Rojo_

5 years ago#158
I want in Nickname Juniorrojo

Online id Rojo-_-
PSN: Rojo-_- /state you're a Gf's user in your friend request.

User Info: bith_the_black

5 years ago#159
danhawk posted...
web badge is called dirty dozen guess we need 12 to get first one. thank you everyone has helped out so far.

Yeah what is it again? 1 badge for 1 buddy, 1 badge for 12, and 1 badge for 50 right?

Anyway I'm still adding people. Feel free to add bith_the_black
"This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff."

User Info: hikari_k

5 years ago#160
Add me
RE.NET ID: Hikari-Kun
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