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(message deleted)

User Info: sherper1

4 years ago#62
search xXsherpaXx
add me :)

-edit: only been playing offline since we moved to a new place, waiting for internet to get connected
Ratatatat play with my cat

User Info: BossSnake

4 years ago#63
Nickname: OblivionIchigo

I added all above posters please feel free to add me!

I'm very good at Mercs if anyone needs a partner.
"i'm no hero. never was. never will be. i'm just an old killer. hired to do some wet work." - Solid Snake METAL GEAR SOLID 4

User Info: ravenscourge

4 years ago#64
Add ravenscourge if you have a mic.

Nothing personal just the game is waaaay more fun if we can communicate with each other.
XBL - k0mRaDe Kr1m5oN PSN - ravenscourge
Sindel, Kitana, and Raiden. <3

User Info: SadLink

4 years ago#65
Web Badge Dirty Dozen acquired!

Thanks everyone.
I got the web badge.
I've added everyone from the list and will continue to do so when I find time.

User Info: ChukuPro

4 years ago#66
Nickname: chuku08 i don't have the but i will sometime this week hopefully :(

User Info: Torebackula

4 years ago#67
Feel free to add me, just search Torebackula.
I am gonna pound you so gross later.
PSN: Torebackula; Krondoobius ---------- Faces of Fashion Souls:

User Info: kishi809

4 years ago#68
please add me~ I'll also add people after the maintenance is done
PSN: kishi809

User Info: avecha

4 years ago#69
Mine is avecha if you want to add me too.
Avecha - 3826 5666 9558 PS Jobs - 44

User Info: IamSaiyaman186

4 years ago#70
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