Which male or female character would you want to date and why?

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  3. Which male or female character would you want to date and why?

User Info: 7un4tran

5 years ago#51
Claire or Helena. They're both got character and I can definitely imagine them being people in real life and since Sherry is a grown woman now: there's another option. ;)

User Info: Mister_Zurkon

5 years ago#52
Ashley, she puts out.
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User Info: Takeda123

5 years ago#53

User Info: GOLD_sonic

5 years ago#54
Helena. She's only a year older than me (even though she looks a couple years older, I think) and she's a mature adult. Sherry's cute but I don't think I'd want to date her.
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User Info: aukahelap

5 years ago#55
Ashley, coz she's the president's daughter n equipped w/ ballistics too ^^


5 years ago#56
chris redfield because is HOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT
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User Info: willowsby

5 years ago#57
why there are no people choose Jill?

User Info: terabient

5 years ago#58
Chris, because good lawd, that body. I don't care how he got it, I just want to put my hands all over it. Plus, he seems like the type of guy who'd be really attentive and devoted in a relationship.

Second would be Leon for...most of the same reasons, actually.
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User Info: Hayabusa_san

5 years ago#59
Definitely Claire
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User Info: gmoshier

5 years ago#60
First choice is Helena and second choice is Ada.
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  3. Which male or female character would you want to date and why?

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