[The Mercenaries] The numbers and all you need to know ver.2

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NelloAngelo posted...
(To matoda)

Thank you appreciate that. Feel free to ad me if you want, when it comes to Mercenaries I play solo for the most part at least until i feel I've memorized all the maps. But I'm sure we can play some time.

(To darthmitten)

Get it!? Because he's a pirate hehe... glad to provide a chuckle, thank you.

(To ssj_duelist)

Thanks dude, aah I dont think I will to be honest. I feel that, unlike a fighting game, because all the characters essentially have the same moves/mechanics it boils down to load-outs and I think that's left to preference and familiarity. People with play better as some characters than others. The exception being Jake (hand-to-hand) and with melee kills grant extra time..I'm leaning towards Jake, and so are the leader boards if I'm not mistaken. Sorry, not the answer you were looking for I'm sure.

That's all I needed to know thank you.
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