just finished Leon's Campaign...thoughts (spoilers)

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User Info: kroqjroq18

5 years ago#1
I thought it was an amazing campaign...very old school style plus some amazing sequences...the zombies are extremely fun to kill as they bodies fall apart with each shot lol...my only two issues:

1. did you think it was kind of overkill on the number of "defeat mutated Derek" boss fights we had to go through...i know its probably hard to kill a virus but serioiusly...first hes like a dog thing...then hes a T Rex then hes a huge fly? I would have preferred varied type of monsters rather then just different versions of Derek.

2. The climbing mechanics were extremely annoying...I had to look up online how to climb that rope and even then it still felt awkward...Very hard mechanic that didnt need to be hard.

other then that...great story...great action...now on to Chris!
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User Info: kabasa

5 years ago#2
Yea, Derek lasted way too long. The entire chapter 5 is just a Derek boss rush.
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  3. just finished Leon's Campaign...thoughts (spoilers)

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