Resident Evil meets silent hill

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User Info: Neutron15

5 years ago#21
Why capcom doesn't create theses kind of games is because:

1. horror doesn't sell well for them (as they said in an interview)

2. they want to appeal a broad audience (COD fans)
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User Info: Kamui_333

5 years ago#22
Icefang526 posted...
You guys are aware that this is the game that eventually became/led to DMC right?

Nope. Resident Evil 4 (Ver.1) is what eventually became DMC. No footage of that game exists because there probably was none. It was just in planning stages. All we know is that the game was going to be about a man named Tony, who had super powers because of genetic experimentation. But they thought it wasn't "Resident Evil" enough, so Tony became Dante, and Oswell E. Spencer (who was going to be revealed to be Tony's father) became Sparda.

Then came Resident Evil 4 (Ver. 2) which had Leon in a European castle and on a giant airship, with zombies as the main enemy. One video was released and then it was cancelled at about 40% completion.

The youtube video in this thread is Resident Evil 4 (Ver. 3) where yes, most of the enemies were going to be hallucinations from Leon being sick with the Progenitor Virus. It too was cancelled for not being "Resident Evil" enough.

Then came Resident Evil 4 (Ver. 4) which started production but was never shown to the public. It went back to zombies but they thought that this was "too formulaic" and 'not different enough" so they cancelled it too.

Then came the version of Resident Evil 4 that was released. I suppose they considered it to be a happy medium between "classic" and "innovative".
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User Info: edward18

5 years ago#23
It was a hell of a lot more like RE than the final version ever was. And all the betas were one thing.
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User Info: Rammstein000000

5 years ago#24
If they end up remaking Resident Evil 2, they should do the camera angle like this. That way, you can get the feel of the original without using that archaic gameplay/shooting system.
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User Info: kangarooz

5 years ago#25
Whats wrong with having fixed camera tank controls that switches to over the shoulder camera when holding L1? if people cant use tank controls, cant they have an option to switch it to 3D controls. and while they're at it put an option to keep the over the shoulder camera on all the time. the D-pad works better for tank controls so you should be able to customize that too. There should be no valid complaints that way. problem solved. series saved. everyones happy except maybe capcom developers who would have work around using both styles for one game.
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