What was the last RE in the franchise that u really enjoyed?

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  3. What was the last RE in the franchise that u really enjoyed?

User Info: Valkyreo

4 years ago#1
Mine was RE 3, after that it was all meh for me. Even RE4 that got pretty good scores and was popular amongst gamers, i didn't like it.

But the first 3, wow! After that i never played any horror games anymore. Think i'am gonna buy the first 3 and play them on PSP.

User Info: Steve__Burnside

4 years ago#2
Resident Evil 6
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User Info: Neutron15

4 years ago#3
All of them (main series, spin-offs)
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#4
Currently playing: Borderlands 2 - Torchlight 2 - Resident Evil 6

User Info: deltamirage

4 years ago#5
Steve__Burnside posted...
Resident Evil 6
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User Info: That_Orange_Ryu

4 years ago#6
Final Fantasy 9

User Info: Null_Gnade

4 years ago#7
Resident Evil - Gamecube Version

User Info: Icefang526

4 years ago#8
Not counting RE6 (which I do enjoy), probably RE4. RE5 wasn't bad, and I did end up playing it quite a lot, but it just didn't feel quite right, and it certainly doesn't help that it's the direct sequel of the AMAZING RE4.

That_Orange_Ryu posted...
Final Fantasy 9

You know, those two mutated clowns (forgot their names) would have made for a pretty creepy RE boss. :P

User Info: xKazerux

4 years ago#9
deltamirage posted...
Steve__Burnside posted...
Resident Evil 6
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User Info: Billysan

4 years ago#10
Currently RE6.
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  3. What was the last RE in the franchise that u really enjoyed?

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