What's the scariest game you've ever played?

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User Info: ZeroX91

5 years ago#71
kissdadookie posted...

That's not really a problem with suspending disbelief, your problem is that your thoughts are so completely occupied by other issues that there's nothing to spare for you even have the chance to be affected by jump scares, etc. Afterall, if you're essentially not paying attention to anything else aside from what you are completely preoccupied in, it would be very hard to distract you (which is what jump scare are) or get you to ponder on something psychologically horrifying (since that requires you to actively think about the psychologically horrifying thing).

The first part was just a joke about the miltonbradley game.

Jump scares make me grin, I get excited but not scared. (If you get what I mean) I get the psychological horror it just doesn't bother me as I'm not the one potentially going insane, maybe if it was from a first person point of view it would have an effect.
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User Info: Xatu235

5 years ago#72

No, really.

Playing Pikmin is like being responsible for walking a young child across the street through heavy traffic, only there are 100 children and the cars are actively chasing them.

I do love me some Dead Space, though.
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User Info: DrPhil1009

5 years ago#73
re3 perhaps. kinda scary to have a madman stalking you while you're trying to solve puzzles and unlock doors.

User Info: gamemaster712

5 years ago#74
SH1 and the Fatal frame on Wii that we never got...
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User Info: snakey24

5 years ago#75
Resident evil 1-3 still scare me
Silent hill 1-3 still scare me
But I think it's because of pixels o.o
the games are so ugly XD
Amnesia, penumbra, dead space
Y AM I A PUS*Y!?!?!
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User Info: Itachi157

5 years ago#76
REmake at age 12. Creeped me out so much that I couldn't play it.

Of course I went back and beat it sometime during college, and its now my favorite RE. (took me that long to be "ready" to finally play it)

Games don't really scare me anymore, so it's hard to say the "scariest" game I've ever played, because I've played games that have a scarier reputation than REmake (Fatal Frame 2, etc.) and they didn't scare me at all. Of course, this is probably because I'm not a kid. But I can say the game that scared me the most was REmake.
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User Info: Bhunivelze

5 years ago#77
Amnesia and Slender. Easily. To call any other game scary after those is a bit laughable.
I suppose Dead Space 1 was pretty scary, at least in the beginning. Halfway through it wore off. Still a wonderful game. And the Stalker segments from 2 always set me on edge, amazingly tense battles.
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User Info: albelnox112

5 years ago#78
Cold Fear ps2

User Info: That_Orange_Ryu

5 years ago#79
Siren: Blood curse

User Info: Unbral

5 years ago#80
sLENDER. Its cool and i play wif my Cod friends lulz

Joking aside, Fatal Frame II.
The official Tenkai of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.
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