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Getting very frustrated with the "saving" - keep getting thrown back 40 mins...

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  3. Getting very frustrated with the "saving" - keep getting thrown back 40 mins...

User Info: shadestreet

5 years ago#1
I know that when you see the typewriter that means save. I know not to confuse this with checkpoint.

But still with this information I have still been thrown back 40+ minutes on two separate occasions.

Is there any guaranteed way to know where you saved?

User Info: albelnox112

5 years ago#2
why dont you finish whole chapter ? why do you need to quit middle of game ?

User Info: shadestreet

5 years ago#3
Daughter wakes up calling for daddy, Hospital calls for emergency surgery, or, I simply don't feel like playing for 2 straight hours.

User Info: Wetboss

5 years ago#4
I know what you're talking about. The answer is no. If you happen to see the typewriter make note of it and that will be your save point, otherwise you have to keep going until you beat the stage or get another typewriter.

User Info: Skillmaster2

5 years ago#5
How do you exit? Do you press select to exit the session? One other guy in another topic said to do that but I have not verified this myself.

User Info: shadestreet

5 years ago#6
What screwed me up, was after death they throw the typewriter icon apparently always, never noticed that before, I had assumed i was seeing that typewriter because I had just cleared (what I assumed) was a milestone.. (lowering all the bridges in underground labratory in Leon quest). Now I'm thrown all the way back to that "puzzle" entering the combinations of 0-1-2

User Info: NovaKaneX

5 years ago#7
Only when you enter a new area and see the typewriter with the words saving is when you're able to quit.

If you die after reachin' a normal checkpoint (not a save point), the game will save your items only, not your progress.
Cot damn!

User Info: Krustytoe

5 years ago#8
The game checkpoint like every 10 to 20 mins. depend on how long it take you to progress in the game. So how your going back 40 mins.
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User Info: shadestreet

5 years ago#9
Because it easily took me 40 minutes to get from the part of entering the underground lab to the point which I died (the area right after you solve the "puzzle" of pulling the levers to drop down the metal bridges. At the very least, I would have assumed I triggered a save point right after that cutscene where you enter the room with the zombies in the glass tubes.

This area, if you are playing for the first time and fully exploring (i.e., opening every door, searching for BSA medals) and killing evrything you come across, easily takes 40 minutes.

There is no way you get a "save point" every 10-20 minutes, at least, not up to the point I have played so far, unless you avoid all zombies and race to the path the PDA directs you. Since you need a lot of money to buy those skill points, and the BSA emblems seem to be usually well hidden, seems best to slaughter evrything you find and search the areas for items and medals.

User Info: pure mind games

pure mind games
5 years ago#10
Yeah, first time through they feel pretty spread out, it should either save at every checkpoint or let the player save manually
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  3. Getting very frustrated with the "saving" - keep getting thrown back 40 mins...

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