Getting very frustrated with the "saving" - keep getting thrown back 40 mins...

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  3. Getting very frustrated with the "saving" - keep getting thrown back 40 mins...

User Info: ravenscourge

5 years ago#51
shadestreet posted...

Cutscene is a segment where characters interact and further the story, not like, flipping a lever and watching a bridge move.

Like "Ada's Birth Cutscene"? Where the game has a lengthy cutscene, adds it to your timeline, progresses the story further, but doesn't save your game anyway? Like that one?

I get you said "pretty much", and that is exactly my complaint here - on top of the save icon being easy to miss and usually appearing while you are focused on avoiding zombies, or watching the action on the screen, you can't even form a logical basis of when the game would save for you - like I said before, though I was "pretty sure" clearing that bridge puzzle which seemed a logical point to end progress for the night would have been a save, I was really confident at the very least I would go back to just after the "Ada's Birth" cutscene - as certainly the game must have saved there (hell, it was saved to the timeline viewer).

Up to that point, it did seem like the major plot cutscenes were also followed by a save, but apparently not that one.

You got me man.

I learned the hard way about the save points myself when I backed out to try and get a partner and ended up having to do the whole demo part that I did a million times before the game came out over again.

It's misleading man, I agree with you, just, what are you gonna do?
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User Info: infinitycure

5 years ago#52
Rage028 posted...
Well someone suggested this earlier on the boards. The next time you see "Checkpoint..." press SELECT and select to restart at previous checkpoint, for some reason this makes the game SAVE your location and then you can quit.

Does this work? Cause I really don't think you can change regular checkpoints to saving ones.

Also completely agree with the OP. The saves are even more spread out than RE5. Some of us like to play on harder difficulties or don't like to rush through our games.

User Info: DocDelicious

5 years ago#53
Dunno why no ones mentioned this and I apologize if they have but I was having this "problem" too.
If you select the "Offline" option when beginning the game it starts you where you left off. If you are online (even if you aren't allowing people to join your game) it will start you much further back for the sake of Co-Op.

Make sure you're playing Offline and you won't have to replay huge sections.
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User Info: shadestreet

5 years ago#54
Doc - I always turn off PSN to "Offline" mode... am I missing something?

User Info: shadestreet

5 years ago#55
Nah, we already covered that specific scenario is a misleading save. It'll save your items, not your progress.

This might satisfy me... would this method then save any money you earned? Or does it only save stats like how many death, shots, etc?

User Info: shadestreet

5 years ago#56
Had a chance to replay the section I lost last night, this time I moved quickly - but still felt compelled to open all those doors and not just the one which progressed the game - and still had the urge to wipe every zombie encountered and not run past.

Still took 36 minutes, apparently last night I was 2 seconds away from crossing the next room to trigger a save,but decided to call it a night.

I *think* but not positive, that all save points will be triggered by the screen going black and showing some random advice while the next area loads.. That could be the guarantee indication I am looking for. Will see...
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  3. Getting very frustrated with the "saving" - keep getting thrown back 40 mins...

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