That's not how lava works. (RE5/6 spoilers)

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User Info: MGSKojima

5 years ago#21
Making sense of a video game is pretty useless you know...

User Info: Albelnox0

5 years ago#22
Steven-Chase posted...
Now this rant isn't some kind of make-or-break on the franchise, the game, or anything like that. The stories have been particularly goofy lately, so I'm not even that surprised. But it is one thing that has really bugged me with the last two RE games...

There are ending spoilers for RE5 and RE6 in this topic.

One of my biggest pet peeves about RE5 was the entire final chapter. I think we're all pretty much in agreement that the climactic showdown with Wesker was ridiculous. (No human can PUNCH a boulder to move it.) But what bothers me the most is how ridiculously unrealistic it is (even for Resident Evil).

And it's all because of the lava.

Of course, RE isn't the only one at fault. No one gets lava right. Volcano and Dante's Peak are horribly inaccurate movies. But it drove me nutty in RE5, and it's driving me nutty again because... it all came back in RE6 (as much as I hoped it wouldn't.)

For those unfamiliar with RE5, the final chapter has a plane (carrying Chris, Sheva, and Wesker) crash-landing inside of a VOLCANO. Emerging from the plane, Wesker mutates with Uroboros and gives chase (read: cumbersome stroll). After being defeated, he falls into the lava. While WADING and screaming in the lava, Chris and Sheva attempt to escape by helicopter. Wesker extends his tentacles up and grabs the helicopter, so they finish him off with an RPG to the face.

First of all, lava is not water. A human falling into lava would have a similar effect to throwing a styrofoam cup into motor oil. The density is so different that you wouldn't splash around or even really sink. You would actually need quite a bit of velocity to even make a dent. In theory, were you to have the correct heat resistant materials, you could walk on lava.

One might argue that something as big as Ustatank would probably make more of a dent in the surface than a normal human being, but it's not like cannon balling into a swimming pool. Lava is more like sludge.

Second, no normal human being can be that close to lava without instantly suffocating from the intense heat and toxic fumes. This especially bothers me in RE6 when you're literally running around ON TOP OF IT while fighting the Ustatank.

Speaking of Ustatank, something with that much metal on him is probably going to start warping being that close to lava, especially after falling into it.

Third, on the subject of falling into lava... it keeps being depicted like it just burns really bad, kind of like acid or boiling water. Truth is... You pretty much instantly dry up from the intense heat and burst with steam, then catch fire, and quickly you are reduced to ash. You can't wade in it, especially when you're comprised of Uroboros, a creature that has a continually-emphasized weakness to fire throughout the game.

So yeah... Pet peeve of mine. Go.

You forgot RE2 when the tyrant sinks STRAIGHT INTO the lava or does that get a pass like RE4 (on how people say that its the best RE even though it was the first RE to point us in the direction that RE6 is now in)

User Info: acolytes

5 years ago#23
The stories have been particularly goofy lately...

Lately? Resident Evil's story and plot has always been goofy.
"I want your blood...I want your souls...And I want 'em both, right now." - Johnny Ringo, Tombstone

User Info: Aydarkzero

5 years ago#24
Do you really want to try and question a Capcom game?
Change the world?, Sounds like Maverick talk to me!

User Info: Orochi_Lede

5 years ago#25
MGSKojima posted...
Making sense of a video game is pretty useless you know...

I would have to agree, i mean if we go to basic logic, you can't take a machete to the face or a gunshot and just "fall down" you would have a deep scar and bleed to death.

and other unrealistic things like being impaied by ustanak when he grabs you but your character can get out of it perfectly fine with no holes in them.

i think we passed logic in games, they aren't meant to be to realistic, they try where they can, like the whole being tired when you're out of stamina or in near-death state.

oh also, i can;t really pull a rifle out of my back from thin air and thena shot gun or 3 diffrent other weapons, a human can't possibly hold that many weapons on them at once and move freely if they tried.

you get my point.

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

5 years ago#26
It's a video game. Developers rarely follow logic in games or what is realistic. I think the volcano in RE5 was probably the best looking location in the entire game which is a shame.

RE6 has a lot of visual appeal and we should just be happy for more interesting locations and effects compared to the boring locales of 5.

User Info: Steven-Chase

5 years ago#27
Mr_M0j0_Rising posted...
Hilariously informative topic...but this is the ONE thing you found unrealistic in RE6? I think somebody could write a thesis on that subject to be honest.

It is not. I mentioned that in my original post.

There's many things I find incredibly unrealistic about RE. Getting sawed through your shoulder by a chainsaw or shot point-blank in the head with a sniper rifle, only to be cured by a jolt to the heart and some herbal tic-tacs. Yeah, not very believable.

But with most of RE's flawed realism, I can chalk that up to "it's a video-game." In the case of lava... we didn't need it. Especially as the scene of a two climactic final battles.

(Thanks to everyone who defended me on this by the way.)

slowwave posted...
Maybe Wesker was in UM Lava, which was estimated to have the more or less same level of viscosity as water, with F-Lava solidified underneath?

Very good counterpoint, especially since ultramafic lava is usually comprised of komatiite (which Wikipedia tells me is pretty localized to South Africa). But it still doesn't do much to defend how Wesker's body reacts to the lava. He never even catches on fire!

Sodalto posted...
Well, while the TC may be absolutely right on the matter, this topic is completely pointless. You can argue things like that with about every game in existence. If you start applying things like realistic physics into a game's plot, you ought to find grave mistakes. It's the same with movies.

I agree. Movies never get it right either. (Even movies ABOUT volcanoes and lava.) But it doesn't make it bother me any less.

shadestreet posted...
This reminds me of my dads reaction to "Fellowship of the Ring".

Funny you should say that, because several people cite that movie when it comes to questioning how lava works.

Alky88 posted...
Jake and Sherry aren't exactly normal human beings.

I could see that argument to a degree with Sherry since she has a healing factor, but the game hasn't delved into her abilities enough to know what her capacity is. If she's anything like the cheerleader from Heroes, then yes, she could essentially survive assuming her head remains in-tact. But unless I missed something, Jake simply has C-Virus immunity. Doesn't do much for heat resistance.

User Info: Steven-Chase

5 years ago#28
Albelnox0 posted...
You forgot RE2 when the tyrant sinks STRAIGHT INTO the lava or does that get a pass like RE4 (on how people say that its the best RE even though it was the first RE to point us in the direction that RE6 is now in)

It's honestly been so long since I've played either of those that I forgot those things happened...

User Info: occman

5 years ago#29

Uhhh... How about the Lava Flows of Hawaii CLOSER; ...... to water, NO?

User Info: Artemicion82

5 years ago#30
I thought jake and sherry were in some kind of steel mill, I wasn't paying much attention though.
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