HeartBreaker747`s Pro Guide for Agent Hunting (must see)

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User Info: bobowmsyou

5 years ago#1
I am on Xbox360 btw. Ok here we go first of all this is tips and advice coming from a top 3 ranked AH player so i know what im talking about. Also english is not my first language so if you know what im saying dont comment about my grammar. This guide will include how to play properly with EVERY creature and morphed creature. I will start with basics then go on with secret moves and trick to kill your oppenents fast. Also will includes spots where you can instant kill an agent by tricking him (very very fun). Here we go.

Basic tricks/Tips:

1- Dont even bother searching for a game thats not vet at minimun. If ur playing on amateur or normal and you enable AH ur a pathetic noob.You literraly cannot kill some 1 who is playing on amateur trusth me i pounce on a guy 5 times in a row with a bloodshot b4 he could heal and this with offence lvl3 did only a total of 2 tablets.
2- Considering ur searching for vet at minimun witch you always should even if it takes longer Health lvl3 is the skill u should be taking im talking from experience here and overall usefull.
3- This is a no brainer but NEVER attack the AI controlled partner you CANNNOOOTTT kill him dunno how many times i have to say that.\
4- If you morph into a strelats or a gnezdo you should always kill the host unless he has inf mag or something or palying below vet like i sayd above.
5- the reason why u want to take health is basicly cuz u double ur chances of morphing and having doubled health with morphed stuff.
6- Zombies sure jump attacks r great but crawling is definaltly ur best friend trusth me on this plus you can immediatly finish him off if u down him with a crawl grab.
7- If ur too far away DIE AND RESPAWN if ur a rasklapenje and all ur parts are dead DIE AND RESPAWN
8- If you are 2 hunters in the same game hold B to see where he is at and STICK TOGETER 2 is always better then one.
9- The most effective way to kill an agent is by having AI controlled creatures helped you out you should know that almost all maps have an area that triggers the spawn of multiple j:avo use them as cover and sneak behind for an ez attack.
10- Attcking in numbers is always ur best bet and you should almost never fail.

Now heres a rundown of all creatures and how to play them. :

Zombies: Regular, Acid. thrown wpn in hand.
As a zombie you have 2 tools jump attacks and crawling attcks(very underused yet VERY effective). If you spawn with a thrown wpn just throw it away try to hit the agent sure but dont rely on that its gonna get you killed if you keep it. UNless of course you have a beatifull stick of dynamite in ur hands(catacombs). Dynamite has a 20-30 sec fuse on it b4 it actualy blows up in ur hand so dont keep it too long and hitting the agent with it is very very powerfull so dont miss. Next we have the acid zombie just switch to grab mode off the bat Ldpad unless of course your in a situation where an agent is camping and not moving then you can probably spit in his face (same with a thrown wpn). Now for the jumping attacks this is what you should always open up with jump at it most of the time you will hit the agent for good dmg then you zombie will turns its back to the agent RUN AWAY turn around then jump on him again rince repeat until ur dead. IF you miss your jumping attack DONT GET UP unless its in an open space and the agent is running away from you/the horde. Now in tight spaces try a jumping attack if it fails its time for crawling goodness you can always enter crawling as soon as you enter a tight room(thats what I do). Now crawling is VERY good espacialy if u have a zombie with a helmet cuz ur not gonna get 1 shotted melee in case you miss your grab. Get in close 1-2 feet away then grab most of the time agents dont even see you this does alot of dmg. When you get the agent in final stand simply grab again for then instant kill. If you get an agent down by any means RUSH him and as soon as RT pops up press it to kill him if done correctly he will not have time to shoot you.

User Info: bobowmsyou

5 years ago#2
Ps : As a zombie in Leons chapter one to enter the store FASt and enter crawling mdoe at the same time (thats the way i enter like a boss) simply run towards an open windown and jump atatck you will enter the store immediatly and be in crawling mode at the same time (very good startegy).

Zombie dogs:

Not much to say about zombie dogs controls are hard but you should ALWAYS be taking the dogs if its a spawn option in Leons chapter 2 at the begining. Theres actualy 2 spots to spawn as a dog 1-the dog house or w/e you call it in english. 2 : the part at the bottom where you overview the cemetery. Just keep sprining as a dog jump atatck if u miss turn around (whilst still sprininting) and jump atatck atatck non stop rince-repeat. If you get the agent down simply stand in front of his face and the second he recover froms his invisibiliy frames ( the time where he can aim his gun but you need to hit b4 he can lift it and shoot) jump on him again for an ez kill b4 he can respond. I will be giving you tips on how to abuse the inv frames to make sure that everytime you get an agent down you finish him off w/o him being able to respond with every creature.

Regular J'Avos :

Regular Javos are actualy betetr the neo javos (IKR) you should always be atatcking with the dash attack cuz its a multiple hit attack if you miss with this dont get cockey and try to hit the agent with a regular attack its just too damn slow. Run back and go in for a dash attack again ( the resond for this is most of time after a martial display agent try to melee you if you run back they will miss and be open for a dash attack). If you see jake using melee on you non stop then go for sherry or make him sprint towards you go behind an objet (door vase w/e you find) he will miss and be open for a martial display. Be agressive non stop you have infinite lives for a reason. Now using this strategy you will be able to beat agents 1-1 ive done it many times b4 simply cuz they get cocky (last mistake they ever make). Now if you get an agent down and your a j"avo dont be a noob and go in and press RT immediatly IT WILL NOT WORK. You need to time you pressing RT perfectly with the time its going to take for the characters to recover from there invincibility frames if you time this perfectly (usualy a few 1-2 secs b4 u press RT maybe a bit more) Then you will hit them at the exact moment where they are not invncible BUT do not have the time to lift there gun and shoot. Ur timing on this must be perfect if you want to kill an agent EVERY time you get him in last stand. Practice will make you perfect with this took me a few tries to master it so it should take you guys not long as well.

Neo Umbrella J'avo :

what to say about these guys... ive found the best way to use them is use the map i will be giving you guys tricks on how to instan kill with these guys later in the guide. Now With these guys you need to time your atatck based on the distance you are from the agent (considering hes coming towards you) attack a few feet b4 he reaches you and you will hit him b4 he melees you. After a hit MOVE AWAY dont try to attack again cahnces are the agent will melee combo you to death if you try this. Simply get in the distance again and attack again these guys are not effective any other way. Same plan then with a regular j'avo but with neo umbrealla u usualy have fire support so ur job is to just distact the agent and let the guys with guns down him. If you do get him down then get in clsoe DONT press RT immediatly like i sayd b4 wait a few mroe sec 3-4 cuz the kick is faster then the machete finish if you time it right then you will kill then agent b4 he has time to lift his gun as shoot (as sayd b4 this must be mastered with all creatures).


Try to scream on them from a distance it has rly good range you do not need to get close 10-15 meters is fine DONT GET UR THROAT SHOT. If you do you just killed all the zombies in a huge radius very very bad. Scream run away rince rep.

User Info: bobowmsyou

5 years ago#3
Bloodshots: = top tier rank 3

Blooshots are one of the best mutations along with strelats and gnezdo. As a blooshot dodgin rb lb is very efefctive if an agent is aiming at you and not quickshoting ur grab is also a pounce so dodge dodge then when u see you have a straight line POUNCE. When he gets back up pounce again and most of the time you will hit him again if u aimed correctly. The upercut should only be used if the agent is cornered and ur point blank in his face. ORRR use to attack trough a wall or object (yes it does work) you can hide behind something and hit an agent with an uppercut. If you get him down RUSH him and IMMEDIATLY press RT the rules dont apply for zombies or bloodshots YOU CAN kill them immediatly regardless of if he was just put to the ground (only works on Leon and Helena).

Body part mutations on J'Avos :

well most of the parts have the controls distaplayed and theres not much to say other then if you get him down you should atatck immedialy regardless of what body part you have mutated cuz the start up on the atatcks is very slow. You can kill agents with the sticky stuff of the larva So dont bother doing the acid attack with that its useless just use the Sticky substance. Not much i can say about the others playing them is pretty obvious and basic. So lets move on.

Strelats!!!!! : = top tier rank 1

Oh my you just got my little baby. First off the strelats can fake death by holding lb or rb (u probably already knew that) but he can also fake it if hes stun locked to get away from it or shot and falls u can prevent him from going back up if u hold it whilst ur falling (looks like ur rly dead). And like i sayd if ur using healt lvl 3 theres a good chance he will think ur dead if u got shot nuf. Then when he comes close get up and poison cloud. Poison cloud is ur best friend if u down some 1 by shooting needles at him IMMEDIATLY rush him and poison cloud point blank on him its got very good aoe. If you do this on sherry she will be stun locked to death if you just keep spamming poison clouds on her while shes down she will get up and be hit again should takes a few seconds to kill her this work. This dosent work on jake cuz he gets knocked back a few meters. sherry dosent so give her a taste of there own stun lock medecine. Also Be very carefull and manage ur stamina well you dont want to rush them with 1 circle left. if you find it hard to get in close use the needles then rush and use above strategy.

Napad : very bad lol

What to say about these guys... sigh unless you have an agent in a tight space and can use the grab attack on him these guys r pretty useless. Hold LT and tap x fast to charge a charge attack but i mean its not good either way (unless you have a staight line at them and they running towars you but thats not gonna happen). Ur best bet is to just try to get in close and use the grab attack. If an agent is running away and just flat out ignoring you DIE AND RESPAWN these guys r just too slow and useless 4 u to waste ur time playing them. If you die mash RT and you will attack 3 last times (may catch an agent off guard).

Gnezdo!!!! : top tier rank 2

Lucky you you just muatetd into a gnezdo first of tap rb and lb fast to get into Human form.
Throw out 1 bug missile Hold LT then press RT takes about 4-5 secs to launch dont let go of LT b4 it does. The bug missiles has very good tracking and will follow an agent for a while unless killed. The beauty of the gnezdo is this pro strategy I found. RUN TOWARDS THE AGENT if you come into contact with an agent he will immediatly drop to the drop and be locked for a few seconds whilst taking big dmg then stand close to him and use swarm attack he will get hit and go back down right there. then go back in human form stand atop his body and voila you just killed him and all you had to do was run into him.

User Info: bobowmsyou

5 years ago#4
Rasklapenje!!!!!!! : personal favorite very VERY underestimated and NOT well played.

OH what can this slow moving mass do no way is it going to kill me LOL. This is what many tought when i joined there game and they get infected by me quite ezly. Now first off few tips if all ur body parts are dead DIE AND RESPAWN. If ur too far try to find a hole to teleport in if no holes r close die and respawn (this is instant with the rasklapenje and should be used on a regular basis there is no delay when respawning with these guys). This way you can be close to the agent at all times. Here we go guys :

THIS is how you play as a pro rasklapenje. First off unless an agent is just stand there not moving NEVER press RT. Also DO NOT throw ur hands i will tell you why. After playing many times with the raskla i found out that INSTA grab and most of the time this will INSTA kill the agent you need to play mind games or trick him. What am i talking about? I found a secret move with the raskla an the best in the game probably if you dodge LB or RB INTO an agent you will INSTA GRAB HIM if you have both hands still atatched to ur body. This is by far my best found and most efefctive starategy think of all you can do knowing this. In a tight space? Let the agent think he can run past you from ur left or right THEN BAM dodge into him for an istant kill MIND GAMES ppl.

I will be giving Specific points in the game where this can be used with 100% sucess rate in my map specific startegys later in the guide. Now if you get cut in half those body parts r usefull too the legs being by far the most usefull Hold LT then run towards the agent if you hit him you will stun him then simply do the attack again to hit him when he gets back up (very effective). Not much to say to say bout the torsa try sweeping i guess. If the agent run away DIE AND RESPAWN. The full body is by far the best if you use my dodge strategy.

Mesets : I hate these birds :

sigh... You got a meset only 1 map you chould be playing and its the data chip part so here we go. The grab is bad.. it auto locks for you but very badly this is what you should be doing non stop until you grab them if u run out of stamina stop flying recover it then fly again. If you get the aganet down with a grab stop flying get in close and beak attack for the kill dont bother using rush. Bridges or spots with obstacles is where you should be using the grab cuz ur actualy gonna hit the agent the obstacles are going to push you towards him (like the bridge).

Now for the best part Map specific strategys (including instant kills)

Leon chapter 1 To get in the building fast jump atatck trough the windows you will also automaticly be in crawl mode if this is done (very good) this saves alot of time and ur less likely to get shot on the way in. Also when on the roof Spawn at the overview spot you will be a firefighter throw that gas tank then crawl.

Chris (not sure about the chapter but youl know what im talking about)

This is by far my personal favorite strategy and i killed many ppl doing this. The part where chris has to take the pipe to reach piers and the missile on the other side spawn nearest the pipe. Then run towards the boxes near the end of the corridor just b4 chris reaches the pipe. Hold LT and press a to take cover behind the boxes ( you will be hard to see). Then when chris runs past you to go on the pipe ( he will not see you). RUSH HIM and hit him non stop until he drops He CANT get off that pipe and he will be stun locked after u hit him once. Then enjoy watching that noob fall to his death :).

Rasklapenje part

When they get stuck into the kitchen with the fire hid behind the only door they will be able to exit from then as soon as they open do my dodge strategy for the grab. Note this can done pretty much around every corner with a rasklapenje.

User Info: bobowmsyou

5 years ago#5
Then Theres the part with the hellicopter (its ur best friend) try to lure the agents out of the building and the chopper will do the rest.

Almost forgot the part where the chopper is chassing then and bl;owing stuff up behind them and they have to run. Spawn at the far point. You will see a boat from where they have to jumpm but you cant wait for them there when they jump hit them with a dash atatck this should stun him long enuf for the chopper to blow up the whole boat and kill them.

Jakes campain

Rasklapenje part anything they have to jump off the elevator you can just wait for them then do the dodge grab lol very effective.

Part vs chainsaw boss : only focus on one charcter and most of the time the chainsaw guy will focus on the other. Also if possible try to atatck from behind if you see chainsaw guy coming in close and ur stun should let them have there heads chopped off.

Thats it Guys all i can think of for the moment. I take full credit for everything sayd in this guide as its what ive learned after playing 300+ games.

STICKY THIS :) Oh and good hunting :).

User Info: bobowmsyou

5 years ago#6
No stickys :(

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

5 years ago#7
This guy just sounds like a Grade A butthole.

User Info: Orochi_Lede

5 years ago#8
Calling someone a "pathetic noob" because you can't beat them on normal dosn't make you look any better either, i have seen some good fights and have had my partner (human player) almost die and have actually died from good agent hunt players on normal mode.

amatuer mode i can understand you pretty much won't get a kill, but normal is fine.

in fact, professional mode gives you the BIGGEST advantage seeing as all enemies are powerd up, and everything pretty much takes 3-5 health blocks with one hit.

User Info: bobowmsyou

5 years ago#9
Orochi_Lede posted...
Calling someone a "pathetic noob" because you can't beat them on normal dosn't make you look any better either, i have seen some good fights and have had my partner (human player) almost die and have actually died from good agent hunt players on normal mode.

amatuer mode i can understand you pretty much won't get a kill, but normal is fine.

in fact, professional mode gives you the BIGGEST advantage seeing as all enemies are powerd up, and everything pretty much takes 3-5 health blocks with one hit.

Theres a reason why we get the option to avoid normal/amateur games alltogeter if u almost died to some 1 in AH on normal ur terrible at this game. And considering im ranked 2 on the 360 leaderboards id say i know what im talking about 100 times more then you kk?

User Info: EgHeadFool

5 years ago#10
bobowmsyou posted...
Also english is not my first language so if you know what im saying dont comment about my grammar.

Don't believe you; if it's true then you must have learned English by reading 10-year-olds' AIM logs.

Honestly I tried reading your tips but I can only sit through so many run-on sentences full of "ur" and "b4."
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