RE6 does well despite low reviews.

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User Info: SSJ2_Wookie

5 years ago#11
blankempathy posted...
You know its bad when mtv dislikes this game.

i dont trust reviewers anyways....but why would I trust a station that thinks stupid reality shows like Jersey Shore are a good thing?....
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User Info: rawk82

5 years ago#12
next month sales prediction : 4 million copies

User Info: Darth_Nicolas

5 years ago#13
It's because reviews were too biased making the game look like garbage. You can't expect everyone to trust those reviews and just ditch the game.

User Info: sehr0

5 years ago#14
lol mtv do reviews? : D

User Info: cirus 7

cirus 7
5 years ago#15
RyuuHou25 posted...
634,933 on Playstation 3, 41,652 Xbox 360 versions sold *laughs*

that was my first thought, but im pretty sure those are the japanese numbers mislisted as american ones by mistake. other sites say it sold around half a mil on xbox in the US.

also, that review seems to have a very broad definition of the game "going strong", or "critic proof". capcom shipped 4.5 million copies, and considerably less then 2 mil have sold according to those numbers. i would call that a flop for a big over advertised title like this. sales drop off very sharply after week 1, and i would not be expecting all those 4.5 mil shipped copies to sell by the end of the year at that rate, if at all.
based on how most games sales start to drop off after release week, it looks like theres somewhere between a million and 1.5 mil more copies already shipped then the games is going to sell by the end of the year. (plus, who knows how many more copies capcom produced in the 2 or 3 weeks between them shipping out to stores for release, and when the bad reviews started showing up everywhere.)
then again, i didnt see europe numbers listed anywhere, but thats most likely not going to make a huge difference, american and japan usually make up the vast majority of sales on most games.
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User Info: Hawke0

5 years ago#16
It has Resident Evil in the name, no critics are going to stop the masses.
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User Info: SSJ2_Wookie

5 years ago#17
^ on total numbers of players online alone is about 900,000 IIRC, and 360 was quite a bit lower I was pretty suprised, at work so I can't check legitimate numbers...
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User Info: aluccard

5 years ago#18
These are not the US numbers. They are posted in other threads.
The game sold 2.4 million worldwide in the first week and nearly a million in the US alone.
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User Info: cirus 7

cirus 7
5 years ago#19
yea, 2.4 with europe and the rest of asia added in sounds about right, like i said before europes sales will make an impact, just not a big one. but thats still not a good sign for the game as far as it selling those 4.5 million that already shipped, much less the ridiculous 7 million copies capcom said they expected to sell.

lets compare to last falls big title, skyrim.
skyrim sold 3.4 million copies in its first 48 hours, and sold roughly 7 million worldwide in its first week. in the 11 months since the end of its first week of release, it has sold 3 million more copies. sales take a nosedive after the first week, and usually crash into the ground by the end of the first month.
RE6 is selling at about 1/3 the numbers skyrim did, which comes out to just over 3.3 million in total sales if it were to follow the same sales trend.
and skyrim is a perfect comparision, because when it was released it was pretty much broken, and suffered the same bad reviews and a large ammount of first month used trade ins, just like what is happening with RE6.
psn id "rajas", FF11 handle- Atrox, on Cerberus
auto modellista team- Akagi Redsuns *RIP*

User Info: VolcanoBoulder

5 years ago#20
...Skyrim got bad reviews? When? Where?
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