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User Info: tizimin9

5 years ago#1
Chris campaign is an even more steroid rage-fueled brofest than ever before, now Chris just runs around Haymaker punching everything in sight, and every boss fight ends with a QTE where he kills massive BOWs with his bare hands. Halfway through the campaign he teams up with Jill and she still has super ninja karate powers and they destroy everything together.At the end of the campaign they kiss in the sunset, or something super cheesy like that.

Claire campaign is about finding Chris and is super creepy and Claire only gets pistol and much later shotgun and ammo is extremely scarce and you have to run from the zombies a lot. Also the Regenerators from RE4 and the Raskaplanje return, and they also have babies together, and there's tons of them in this campaign. At the end of her campaign she finds Chris and they go home in a helicopter. Then there's an epilogue scene showing the Redfield household and Claire makes a hearty breakfast for Chris.

Leon is not playable character because it's an odd-numbered title, but he makes a cameo appearance where he saves Claire from some freaky ass G-virus style BOW and utterly massacres it with his knife while doing backflips and dodging spikey things the BOW can shoot out, then spouts a super cheesy one liner.

Wesker comes back in some plausible fashion, maybe as a clone or as an AI or it turns out that a clone died in RE5, not the original.

Ada Wong campaign plays just like MGS where you have to sneak around everywhere and if you get spotted then some nemesis ripoff like ustenak instakills you. There are multiple ways to approach the levels, and you can distract the guards or stun them with flash bangs. Also the level design is more open and you can grapple in multiple areas, so the level design is almost like batman arkham asylum.

Lastly, HUNK campaign. HUNK campaign is similar to ADA in that you have to use stealth, but it's more combat oriented and if you mess up you can still shoot your way out of a jam. HUNK has all kinds of awesome CQC moves and his armor is upgradeable in different ways to make it more resistant to knives or guns or fire or acid, and HUNK has an awesome fight scene where it's a one on one duel against an intelligent super soldier BOW like Krauser.

The point of HUNK's campaign is to infiltrate Tricell or Wilpharma or whoever the big bad corporation is this time and steal all their research data to give to another big bad pharmaceutical corporation. In the last third part of the campaign there's an intersection with Ada where she convinces him to work for the good guys and he ends up double crossing big bad pharmaceutical corporation number 2, and in the end he sells it to an actually benign pharmaceutical corporation so they can make the vaccine. The end concludes with him taking off his helmet and smoking a cigarette.
I play until my eyes bleed.
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User Info: darksombersky

5 years ago#2
RE 7 should have no crappy military. Also, TL;DR

User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#3
RE7 should have all new characters.
I like Kana Hanazawa (>_<)

User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#4
darksombersky posted...
RE 7 should have no crappy military.

This. I'm pretty much sick of military bulls*** in Resident Evil.

User Info: Rhyth_Mic

5 years ago#5
cool story brah. Day damn one.

User Info: tizimin9

5 years ago#6
Yeah, I know RE7 will be nothing like what I am envisioning right now, but damnit I want a Claire campaign and a HUNK campaign really badly!! I also want Chris to be reunited with Jill and to see them actually have character development and cute dialogues.

RE5 was so unsatisfying. Chris finally finds Jill, and he's just like "glad to have you back. Now get to the choppa while I go finish off Wesker. Peace out girl scout."
I play until my eyes bleed.
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User Info: Eiyzill

5 years ago#7
A Regenerator/Raskaplanje lovechild?

...interesting...very interesting.
That is MISS Eiyzill to you.

User Info: tizimin9

5 years ago#8
Eiyzill posted...
A Regenerator/Raskaplanje lovechild?

...interesting...very interesting.

Yeah dude. Picture pint sized Regenerators that can reform and make the same breathing noise only they're super fast cause they're like little bloodthirsty kindergarteners on crack.
I play until my eyes bleed.
PSN: Itzimna

User Info: Kurama2

5 years ago#9
i would buy it

User Info: iconiq

5 years ago#10
Wesker had been around since day 1. Let the dead stay dead. I assume that most here got into RE when RE5 came out, so I kind of understand the irresistible desire to have Wesker recur in RE7. But many here, including me, got into RE when RE1 came out. Honestly, I'm tired of Wesker. I'm glad CAPCOM didn't pull a "SURPRISE! WESKER IN RE6!" on us.
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