If you could revive any dead RE character... SPOILERS

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User Info: ssj_duelist

5 years ago#21
I'd pick Krauser to. He would have been awesome as a recurring rival for Leon, he would have been the Vegeta to Leon's Goku.
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User Info: kefka_tea

5 years ago#22
Luis from Re4

User Info: Kyrylo

5 years ago#23
Luis or Krauser

User Info: wesker741

5 years ago#24
Wesker and Boulder. I'm still waiting for the series' true ending where Chris teams up with his illegitimate son, Pebble, and they take on the true villain behind it all that captured Boulder and moved her to random parts of the world, like in the Mansion, Spain, and Africa. Also, during Leon's campaign, I spotted Boulder's younger brother, Giant Rock.
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User Info: celljr89

5 years ago#25

User Info: FellDude

5 years ago#26
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User Info: ALterNa86

5 years ago#27
piers of course
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User Info: chaosAD2005

5 years ago#28
Enrico from RE 1 yeah.
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User Info: Steve__Burnside

5 years ago#29
Steve of course.

Not only would that mean an awesome character coming back, but it'd be a reason for Claire to come back and also the use of the Veronica Virus.
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User Info: Duke_Vassago

5 years ago#30
Reading all the posts to the end so far in this thread have made me seriously lol.

Aside from that, I'd love for them to revive Ark Thompson, since he's pretty much dead to the franchise at this point. So much potential :(
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  3. If you could revive any dead RE character... SPOILERS

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