What is YOUR ideal zombie game? subsequently RE game

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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#1
As in, what would YOU want it to be composed off?

Say, we were to ignore any kind of changes made by the last three major titles. How would you have carried the franchise into the next gen gaming? (Btw if you say 1D-3D camera angle displayed from RE1 or 2, or CHEAP and overly-used pop-ups. Than I pity you)

1. Personally, I'd want the emotional atmosphere, that Dead Island couldn't deliver. Something like this:


Heavy emphasis on the impact, that would befall on unsuspecting civilians

2. A survival-like, game mechanic. Similar to the construction of the Walking Dead. Without it changing into a soap-opera (oh how much I disgust you Lori).

3. A reasonable back-story on how the pandemic came to be (maybe not the whole Big global companies, continually trying to create a zombie virus, when the evidence suggests, things are just gonna f*** up again). As well as creative and challenging Zombie AI's. Not just drones walking around, who react out of hunger and as a result, are very predictable.

4. Probably add on a few elements from RE too. Characters like Leon and Chris are a must. Although Ada being a wildcard seems unfitting, considering she's playing with a humanity-ending-fire here. They should also, for the most part, allow you to solo through the campaign. It gives a better portrayal of horror and I'd hate to think I'm gonna have an entourage like the Walking dead following me around for the whole campaign.

5. Finally, they should allow us to toy with the concept of morality/humanity. Whilst including several grey-areas to tackle. Something like how Leon's campaign started, the whole incident with the president, also the moment your in the car-park and you see the footage from a surveillance camera and the incident with the civilians in the petrol shop. The emphasis on human nature didn't really build up through-out the game.

So, here's my ideal on a good zombie game. Feel free to comment on it or add your own, if you'd like

User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#2
1.) Invetory system where I can manage my items. Like if I get a flashlight with some batteries, I can take the batteries out before they go dead so I can use them for something else. And it has to be in real time, no opening a menu and pausing th game to selct things. If you open up your invetory then you better make sure your in a safe place. Also it would have a quick access invetory to where you select 4 objcts to 4 buttons. Like : flashlight, crowbar , hangun, health.

2.) The health would be in first aid its, where if you find a brand new first aid kit it will increase your health all the way. But if you find parts of the kit, like band aids and dis infectant, you can combine them , but unless you have all of the parts, the first aid kit wil only replnish a certain amount of health..

3.) Not neccesarily puzzles,but I like an interactive environment. Instead of going to find a key for this door, you can find this secret tunnel and climb to the other side. Also,since there would be certain items you have to have to solve certain puzzles or get past certain places, you will be forced to make tough decisions. You do NOT have unlimeted invetory, and you'd probally carry a backpack. So let's say that there is enough space in one compartment of the backpack for 8 keys and important items. If you find something you need, you will have to drop an item, and come back for it when your ready. That or make your character only able to hold a certain amount of weight, and add weight to EVERYTHING you pick up.

4.) I like the idea of a stamina bar in re6, but I wouldn't want it exactly like this one. Firstly, characters wouldn't be neckbreaking and supplexing zombies. It would be for stuff like running andushing objects. Swinging your bat or crowbar would also take up stamina. The bar would not regenrate, entirely, but it wil always regenerate very slowly, to one block of th stamina bar. There would be 3 blocks to start with, and if you find things like protein shakes and such, you can mix them with water, and when you frink it it will help refill the stamina bar and increase the overall size. Idk why protein shakes, probobly because protein= help bulding muscle and that just makes sense to have more stamina. And drinking just water will replenish the stamina bar, but not increase it.

5.) Nice lighting so that way you can see the erie shadows of the zombies from around the corner, or is it just a statue? The enemies will also make frightening sounds, I'm looking at you re4 regenerators. Except creepier than that, and they have to look creepy too. There wouldn't be transforming zombies, but they would be nasty and have physical altercations, like some silent hill monsters.

And the zombies would pop out of no where , scaring you, but sometimes you know they are there , but they take a lot of health, so yu don't want to just attack them. Also, depending on what you do with th enviornment, zombies will come out of other places. Like if there is a vent that says "its a useless vent, will you open it" and you say yes,then it will tell you nothing happens.
But then when you backtrack to the room, You will have a few zombies climbing out of the vent, but if you DIDN'T open the vent, then they will simply bang on th vent, giving you chills as you safely walk by.

6.) Also, three campaigns

I think it would work. if done right, and I Didn't really emphasize the horror aspect, but imagine dead space jump scares mixed with silent hill atmosphere, mixed with re2+re6( adas campaign, except better and more) puzzles. Oh, and imagine being stalked by specific zombies that have horrible experiments done to them, like lisa trevor or nemesis. Then imagine if nemesis can suprise you because YOU, not the games scripted events, moved a desk out of the way of a door, or unlocked the jammed door that won't open.

So yeah, that was longer than I expected lol. Good job if you read all of this though
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User Info: chaoszieg

4 years ago#3
Leon's chapter 1
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User Info: bluegender4ever

4 years ago#4
dude, THAT'S what they were teasing Dead Island with? Holy crap did they ever drop the ball on setting an atmosphere there. The actual game is just corny.

I always thought a survival oriented mash up of like GTA's free roaming and "living" environment and RE's thoughts on monsters like viral zombies and other grotesque, twisted baddies (like G, for instance) would be beyond epic.

I am very detail oriented so a very good inventory system would be required to keep me happy, but would probably seem tedious to others. Things like: no so-called bags of holding with improbable amounts of space that exists nowhere on the character's person. Instead, have like...what you can carry in your hand(s), sling over you shoulders, put in pockets, or strap to yourself. Add something so that, like in reality, you can carry multiple objects in either hand but if you want to USE one of them you'll need to hold only it.

Throw in some well though-out RPG elements in there and I'd call that a successful recipe
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User Info: biohazard151

4 years ago#5
My ideal game would match some of these aspects

1. No more linearity, we need to capture the feel of cities or villages overrun, but you decide how to progress and move through it. Now im not talking gta or assassins creed here, but give us large areas to choose how to go through them, multiple tiered branching levels, where exploration is encouraged to collect weapons, supplies, maps etc. Let us decide whether going to the hospital for supplies or heading to the police station is more important first, let us have the ability to get to the exit in a multitude of ways.

2. Make us fear a zombie, just as much as zombie(s): In other words, make us weaker. No more luchador capoeria kicking and punching. Take away our ammo, but let us keep our weapons. When we see a zombie shambling at us, make us fear alerting others, and question how to deal with the situtation, it should all be about choice. I enounter a zombie in an alleway, I could blast it, and waste 1 of my 5 bullets, while also alerting its buddies. Or i could lead it and others under an environmental hazard, and take them all out with one well placed bullet. Or, i could try and sneak up and smash a machete through its head ( think walking dead visceral), or i could take the ladder to the top floor and leave it there. Make every encounter tense and filled with you input.

3. Make it a tale of survival. I dont want to be a tough as nailes brute, i want to be a survivor where i hide if a nemesis is coming, where i run from a swarm of zombies, or where i have to strageize my encounters with enemies, to plot even leaving my save room.

4. scrap the story, make it simple and give us some meaty info. We dont need ridiculously contrived plotlines, no clones, no matrix. Just make it interesting, and make it meaty. Take a semi normal survivor, who must strive to survive from the mistakes or delings with an evil threat of bow's.

5. Horror, including a horror driven atmosphere, and horror in the details, like enemies that rip your head off, or people being mowed down by zombies. Make us jump from cheap scares, or hear the ragged breathing of an enemy huntign us that we are hoplessly inept to fight back against.

5. Id love to have difficult choices, ones that may make me question my choices id make in a real zomvbue outbreak. Do i waste my bullets and life trying to save a women cornered by a licker? Whats in it for me? Am i wrong in letting it focus its attention on her instead, and get away? How about a soldier who got bit, but insists he keeps his sniper rifle, which i sorely need. Do i kill him for it, do i take to ensure im better equipped? Make me feel like im surviving in the world of bio terrorism.

6. A mix of open world outside (sunny and dark) as well as confined creepy indoors. But encourage us to explore and poke around a creepy world.

7. No more chapters and bouncing around from china to serbia, make me feel attached to an area and progress through it, so that when i reach the finish line, i can feel immersed in the game. If silent hill did what re 6 did, we would have gone from silent hill for an hour, then to shepards glen for 50 minutes, then brahms, then a scary hospital in china, then a graveyard in monoglia. I hate that.

8. limit qte's to special special things, like stealth kills, and not much else. Allow the gameplay to shine and just let us play, let us decide how to tackle an area, how to survive creepy and powerful creatures that will rip our heads off, and let us feel like were barely surviving an apocalypse.

Id love other mechanics, like temporary blindness from the sun, maybe a stamina meter, etc. but overall, this is what im looking for in a game, most of all a resident evil game, thats how i would innovate, and push forward the series.
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User Info: Billysan

4 years ago#6
So you mean ideal Zombie game or Resident Evil game.

Ideal Zombie for me is basically Dead Rising 1 and 2.

Ideal RE game would be something close to the recent RE games but with a strong emphasis on horror.
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User Info: tehhead

4 years ago#7
Is this a zombie game, or Resident evil game?

If its zombies, i'll go into a semi railed gameplay
Sorta like this, you have 8 possible scenario in 1 place
Scenario depends on what did you do, saving people, making a barricade, food gathering, food rationing, ammo reserving & sanity managing
Mind you, this only happen when scenario let you meet a group, when soloing, you will be counted out from equation above, i'm playing this on 3rd person, so melee detection can be worked, and guns use iron sight when used

In RE game, i'll just do what mikami have done to all previous RE & adding stamina & infection in the gameplay, also using 1st person shooter as shooting mechanic, blended with RE melee mechanic

User Info: ex-s_temjin

4 years ago#8
Ideal zombie game? Forbidden Siren minus the sight-jack plus RE6 movements.

User Info: Richterdgf

4 years ago#9
My ideal zombie game would be sitting on a secure roof with some popcorn watching the zombie horde devour all those dumbasses that make "What would YOU do in a zombie apocalypse?" topics and then posting "I'd kill them ALL with my twin Desert Eagles and katana!"
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User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#10
Resident Evil aside...

Ideally it'd be a mixture of the survival/looting elements of DayZ, the realism of STALKER with the LURK mod, Dead Island's RPG-style weapon system, the skills system of Star Wars Galaxies (pre-combat upgrade) but made a bit more "loose" (not being locked into one class but being able to pick and choose skills), the atmosphere of RE1 and a bit of Metro/STALKER (though in a setting that shifts from Urban>Suburban>Rural), open world, RE6's Melee/Dodge system, Dark Souls' online mechanics (messages etc), 100% online with small dedicated servers (maybe 100 players per). With a heavy emphasis on realism where you would have to eat, sleep etc. You'd be able to use in-game storage to the point where you could potentially set yourself up a nice safehouse.
Other stuff.

I've thought about this a lot and I could get really ridiculously detailed but I'm sure no one wants to read a long ass set of posts about my "perfect game".
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