this game is getting pretty stale

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  3. this game is getting pretty stale

User Info: YawnTheSnake

5 years ago#41
Yeah it did get old after the second play through , haven't played it in about a week , I really loved it while it lasted (I have played for 120 hours or so) but I cant bring myself to play it for some reason now , I just wish they put in Costumes and Unlockable for Completion requirements (Certain time limit etc). Without a shadow of a doubt I would still be playing it if those things were there but... :/

Right now I have gone back to playing RE1 and RE3, Unfortunately I have the terrible Dualshock Directors cut RE with really bad music (Even with that its still awesome haha!) And I have played through it twice as Chris and twice as Jill and I'm still enjoying it , Trying to get the rocket launcher for each Char on Arrange difficulty and different endings.

But yeah it goes to show how much of a difference Costumes and Unlockables from time limit requirements/ Special completion requirements make a difference.

User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#42
I have already fully beaten all four campaigns 3 times and am just starting my fourth playthrough + played dozens of Agent Hunt and Mercs matches. To me, this game is fun as hell and I won't be putting it down any time soon. Sorry to hear you guys are getting board with the game though.
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  3. this game is getting pretty stale

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