Raskaplanje has a nice booty.

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  3. Raskaplanje has a nice booty.

User Info: DarkchocolateX

5 years ago#1
Admit you'd hit that ass!

User Info: borjman22

5 years ago#2
k... psycho...

User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#3
Raskaplanje is a Psycho. Even Raskaplanje's theme is also sound psycho.
I want to hug Kana Hanazawa (>_<)

User Info: Supreme_Xion

5 years ago#4
borjman22 posted...
k... psycho...

More a creepy werirdo-thing
PSN ID: Pain-of-TerrorZX
Offical Wesker of RE6 boards. Currently playing: RE5, GT5, & RE6 [Currently]. Pride, Aggressive, Intelligence, and Strength.

User Info: jsquad4136

5 years ago#5
borjman22 posted...
k... psycho...

You really don't like having fun in these kind of topics do you????
"I haven't been a child since I was 9 years old."
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  3. Raskaplanje has a nice booty.

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