100 Million J'avo to kill! (event)

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User Info: MMX377

5 years ago#151
My ranked is 4128, and my score is 3034. I earned 7500 RE Points.


I blamed hackers and cheaters because I was distraught when they used a cheat device on Online and made themselves darn too proud to be a top rank for shortcut!
"Get up!! Show me your true power!" Ryu's victory in SF3

User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
5 years ago#152
Got 7500.
This is a sig, woo.

User Info: 9-Tail-FoXX

5 years ago#153
I got 15000 with my Rank of 666 :D

User Info: Candy__Girl

5 years ago#154
Hurray! 15,000 points with a rank of 334!

Is anyone else hoping for a Black Friday sale on RE.net?

User Info: BasementDude

5 years ago#155
number of e-huggies received today: 0
number of e-huggies wanted daily: 1,000,000 total e-huggies received: 184,715,199

User Info: RekoisCool

5 years ago#156
I ranked 771 with 3,561 kills and got 15,000 points :)

User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#157
The "J'avo Massacre" event has ended. You ranked 404 with a score of 12758, and earned 15000 RE Points.
I want to hug Kana Hanazawa (>o<)
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  3. 100 Million J'avo to kill! (event)

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