What was the last RE game that actually scared you

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User Info: schlaufuchsMIKE

4 years ago#41
Ryan-06 posted...
warrenmats posted...
RE never really scared me.....except those spiders. Oh god they so hairy.

lol. same.

I always went to Silent Hill for my horror fix. prefer the psychological type over physical. Dead Space was a great hybrid of both when taking the story and plot twist in regarding Isaacs mind.

Oh hell yeah, Silent Hill more or less ruined other horror games for me.
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User Info: memoriesofblood

4 years ago#42
I would say the REmake when speaking chronically but seeing as it is a remake I'll say RE3.
Nemesis was a scary dude at 3am when you're 14.
RE4 - Regenerators.

Otherwise, overall, REmake. Atmosphere was pretty creepy.

RE0 just sorta...failed to really scare me.
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User Info: MadDewg

4 years ago#44
Never actually got scared to the point to where I couldn't sleep at night (hell even horror movies I watched when I was like, 10 never did that to me), but resident evil 2 did give me a good bit of "jump" scares, lol.

I remember yelling out "oh ****" (to the point to where my parents heard me nice and clear =/ ) when you get to that room with the one-sided window where the licker busts through after picking up the puzzle piece thingy Man it was awesome playing resident evil 2 when I was 15, lol.

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User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#45
Only REmake. Dat atmosphere, dat setting, dose crimson heads, dat Lisa
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User Info: Lord_Spectre_X

4 years ago#46
Regenadors in RE4 is the only scary point in the series. A strong, malicious looking enemy. Unhuman while looking disturbingly human. Creepy sound effects, fantastic BGM and setting. And even a tense way of killing them.
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User Info: savagechild89

4 years ago#47
resident evil 3. something about nemesis just hunting you down was terrifying to me as a young child. pretty sure i was only like 9 when that game came out
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User Info: GrayFox2510

4 years ago#48
The only time an RE actually SCARED me (like "holy sh*t, turn off the console!") was the very first one in the PSX.
This was also when I was 10 and honestly, horror games weren't quite like that (Clock Tower was more of the suspense thing and adrenaline rush when you escaped or stuff like that).

What part? I think we all know that one by heart. Those ****ing dogs jumping through the window in the L-corridor near the beginning.

From there on? Proper scare? Nah.
Contributor Name: Gray Fox

User Info: Kaze_Memaryu

4 years ago#49
The closest moment to 'scared' was in Resident Evil Zero when I opened a door and ended up directly in front of a leech - without any molotov's.
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User Info: LittleBraver

4 years ago#50
RE remake on Gamecube was the last that really scared me.
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