The game does grow on you

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zombie slayer3927 5 years ago#11
I haven't played this one yet other than the demo but I totally understand what you mean. I plan on getting this one as soon as I get a little vacation from work. I remember when RE5 came out I started playing it thinking it was ok but not that great.

After I kept playing though the game really grew on me. I really got addicted to harvesting and selling treasure to upgrade or buy weapons. In the End I ended up really enjoying RE5. I hope that is the case with this when I finally get around to buying and playing it.

I don't go much on reviews because I feel they are very misleading these days. Some of my favorite games have been very lowed scored and underrated. Hell one of my favorite games of all time is MOH 2010 and it was bashed to hell. I also am enjoying MoH Warfighter which also did pretty poorly in the reviews. I think I will really enjoy this RE title though. I look forward tot playing it.

Take care all!

User Info: rojocapo610

5 years ago#12
As others are saying, i feel the opposite, this game is dying on me and fast... i am about to get the platinum and i think it is good by for it :(

User Info: KonaseRitsuko

5 years ago#13
I felt the opposite TC, I was reaaaally excited before, had some fun while playing, got bored later, and after finishing all campaigns and playing some mercs, it's been covered in dust. I'll play it again just to get the emblems and remaining hidden trophies. RE6 is meh.

User Info: sflowers539

5 years ago#14
I replayed RE4 and RE5 all the way through again once each, and played the Mercs in both game until I could got 100K+ points solo on just about each board. That was a lot of fun, this game is good but I don't see myself going back to do each of the campaigns again with the alternate character, as there are very few points where you would control them when you split up and see the alternate content, and I am not enjoying the campaign mode as much as the first two times. I will play Mercs for sure at least for awhile but don't see myself playing until I "S" rank, especially since there are less maps and variety this time.

User Info: Coryo61827

5 years ago#15
I don't get it. How come when I said I thought this game was boring after my first play through I was being called a fanboy? Lol. Now it's the majority vote that's it getting boring? At least I'm not the only one who felt this way now though lol :)
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User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

5 years ago#16
RE6 is all flash and no substance.

I've been bored with it lately as well and I'm slowly making my way through Ada's campaign as I have little interest in playing it.

User Info: PyroSpark

5 years ago#17
I was enjoying it a lot when I first started and now I'm enjoying it just as much after the initial 30+ hours. xD
rexator-"Make it a money match so that the winner gets to crap in the other's mouth." PSN: PyroSpark7

User Info: StrongBlackVine

5 years ago#18
rojocapo610 posted...
As others are saying, i feel the opposite, this game is dying on me and fast... i am about to get the platinum and i think it is good by for it :(

If you platinum it what else is left? This isn't an RPG? I don't replay most games, but beat RE5 at least 4 times and probably the same for RE6. Well worth the money.
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