in a Zombie-Outbreak,Which RE character would you like to have as a partner?

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The 1 Executioner 4 years ago#11
Jill just incase there some kind of tyrant or nemesis and also locked doors.
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User Info: ShadowKirby17

4 years ago#12
Leon for sure.

I'd love to have him protect me.
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User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

4 years ago#13
Sheva, we'd make a great team. =]

User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#14
Leon - crashes our get away vehicle and I die and he lives

Chris - yells at me the whole time and I get pissed and die for not listening to him

Barry - wastes three magnum shots to kill a zombie and fails, so I get pissed and even more mad every time he speaks so I die from rage and not thinking straight

Jill - I try way to hard to sleep with her until she eventually leaves me for dead, so I die

Claire - same as above

Wesker - we get out he outbreak just fine because of him, but he then uses me as a test subject which sucks so I die

Rebecca - same trying to sleep with her thing, but I don't think she'd leave me

Ada - she talks too damn much to herself and I get pissed, plus she keeps leaving me alone so I end up dying

Billy - I see him dropkick a zombie and land on his feet, so I try to out do him and land flat on my face and get eaten

I go with Rebecca.

User Info: Hitmanzombie

4 years ago#15
Jill. Most battle-harden woman in RE.

User Info: Midnightrob

4 years ago#16
Uhhh.... they all have a pretty bad record. I'd go with Jake.. tho I have a feeling he would just leave me behind somewhere. I would never ever and I mean EVER want to be with Leon. One I would end up captured somehow.. or dead due to his efforts or die in a horrific accident involving a random motorized vehicle because he saw a bird.
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User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#17
People are just going to vote for who they think is the hottest. My pick is Claire. She has sass.

Leon would be entertaining. Every time he crashes a vehicle, the other character lives, too, so I'd be fine. Plus you have the benefit of tons of great one-liners, which are necessary to survive any zombie outbreak. However, I'd want to make a bunch of witty one-liners, too, so if he spouted too many, I'd pick a different partner. Only one of us could be "that guy."

Chris would bore me to death before the zombies could kill me. Drunk Chris might be entertaining, as long as he doesn't throw me around. That may work for some of the ChrisxPiers shippers on here, but it's not my cup of tea.

Barry would be another good choice. At least we know he has THIS! It's really powerful, especially against living things...

Jill would bore me just as much as Chris, but at least she's easy to look at. The ability to pick locks also helps. I would allow her to throw me around.

I would kill Wesker before he got the chance to do the same to me. Would you really trust a guy wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night? Something's up. I'd be on to Ada's game, as well. If I was with Leon, I'd give him a hard time as to how he could not have seen her manipulative ways in the first place.

Rebecca is cute. I want to pet her, and also engage in coitus with her. She'd be pretty useless in an outbreak, though. She can't even play the piano!

I'm not so sure about Billy. He's pretty much the convict version of Leon, minus all the Leon-ness, so things wouldn't be as awesome.

I commend you, lebronwadebosh, for not including any characters exclusive to the last few games in the series. They're all pretty terrible in comparison to the classic ones, anyway.

User Info: largerock

4 years ago#18
Other, My papa....VOLCANOBOULDER!
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User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

4 years ago#19
Ada, as long as my "partner" status means I can trust her. She's extremely competent, knowledgeable and can do handstand backflips. All of which will help my survival
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User Info: Dark7Knights1

4 years ago#20
Makes sense to me...
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