in a Zombie-Outbreak,Which RE character would you like to have as a partner?

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User Info: Dr_cula

4 years ago#31
leon of course he doesnt look "int" but he sure was a genius. or you think that whole "la plagas" event was a fluke? one man against the village full of traps and underground pathway. that's vietnam right there! only leon could got out alive.

User Info: iori3000

4 years ago#32
For fanboy and look reasons I chose Claire.. But I probably feel I;d have the best chance of survival with either Leon or Barry...
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User Info: Grayjack72

4 years ago#33
Chris. He can actually drive a car without it crashing.
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User Info: StupidMofoz

4 years ago#34

When she wants to save someone, she does it with flying colors.

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

4 years ago#35
From: Sen9257
for lol.. a girl partner is a sure thing.. of course u nid to propagate humanity again after the outbreak right??? hahahhaa

Of course, that's why I choose Claire as a partner.
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User Info: Ertrick36

4 years ago#36
*Looks at posts and thinks of all the Resident Evil characters I've had any experience at all with*

On classic Resident Evil characters:

Um... I don't know... They all are good and bad. I wouldn't want Ada or Wesker, since they're both sinister. Ada would also just leave me behind. Leon... crashes a lot. That habbit started from day one; I've never trusted him with a vehicle since. Claire might be pretty alright. She could pick locks and whatnot, and seems to be able to handle herself. Still might be a bit obnoxious when going on about Chris. Chris... gee, I don't know. He's got fight in him, but I don't see him as a cooperable partner. Jill... same as Claire, only she also is an elite cop. She won't be going on about her brother either. Rebecca would be very cooperable, and she is also an elite cop (she's in the S.T.A.R.S. afterall). She also has got medic packs and stuff! Billy Coen... I've never played Resident Evil Zero, sadly. Barry Burton... has got "THIS"! And he gives me a weapon that's really powerful, especially against living things.

Resident Evil 2 exclusive:

Sherry Birkin is a little girl. Now, I've never played Resident Evil 6, but I don't want my survival to hinge on a child, no matter how strong or intelligent. Cheif Irons? A guy who breaks NATO code and unleashes chemical weapons in his own police station (that was Outbreak)? No thanks. I don't trust the other Birkins either for obvious reasons (G-Virus and all). And then there's Marvin, the wounded cop laying in the office. He'll just have me leave him alone, and I'll cry. HUNK? He'd be alright, but his top priority is the mission. In this way, he's like Ada.

Resident Evil 3 exclusive:

Carlos... Great guy, doing work for, all he knows is, a good cause. He doesn't know everything, but he'll certainly find a way to cure me of the X Virus when I'm down on my luck. And the other mercenaries? They either die or betray me.

Resident Evil Outbreak exclusive:

Kevin's a good man to have a round, but he's too much of a smart a** for his own good. He also better be using his ammo in the best way, because whenever he's an AIPC partner, he wastes bullets upon bullets (this applies to the others in Outbreak). Mark's also good, but I'm afraid that if he were put in a place similar to 'Nam, he'd start suffering from PTSD and frenzy. Jim is a scared little f***er, and would run off to have me fight the zombie hordes. David would also leave me on my own, and I'd find him dead later (it happened to me several times when he was my partner in Outbreak). George would be a good and cooperable man who can handle himself, but whenever he'd say "Dear God!", I'd jump and start thinking that the zombie of Adam West was following me (he sounds like Adam West when he says that to me). Alyssa would constantly be cursing life, though she does have a lockpick. She also has skill with a handgun. Cindy is an innocent waitress, but can be helpful. She'll also be conservative with ammunition. Same kind of goes for Yoko, who'd be my pack mule. I'm still not sure that a school girl would be the most helpful person in an apocalypse, but I might be wrong.

Resident Evil 4 exclusive:

I absolutely do NOT want Ashley Graham! I do not like her, and she is useless. Luis is a pretty good guy to hang around. He can handle himself too. I just wish I was with him more often. Krauser? Well, he's pretty damn kick a** except for the fact that he's working for the bad guys. If he turned on me, it would be difficult to defeat him.

Overall, I'd probably just shoot myself. I can't really think of any Resident Evil character that is really good to be around. Let's just say have them all minus Ada, Wesker, Ashley, Jack, Irons, and the mercs.
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User Info: xD_Yuffiez

4 years ago#37
Chris is probably the safest bet, as long as you're not serving under him, then you're screwed.

Leon would ensure survival in the end PROBABLY, but you need to expect to be captured a lot or thrown into all kinds of stupid stuff on the way, seriously he has the worst luck

Wouldn't mind Barry, but trust issues

I don't really like mexican jack black, but Parker seems quite trustworthy too

User Info: SamA7X

4 years ago#38
Barry "Big Ass Gun" Burton would be my choice anyday
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User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

4 years ago#39
Ark Thompson, dude's got infinite ammo.
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User Info: lebronwadebosh

4 years ago#40
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