Can someone give me 1 redeemable feature to this game?

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  3. Can someone give me 1 redeemable feature to this game?

User Info: banana360

4 years ago#11
MonkeyKrazy07 posted...
Mercenaries is the only thing holding my interest in this crappy game, it's definitely the worst game in the series, no question.

This. Did each campaign once on veteran.
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User Info: Kujaa

4 years ago#12
Its a one shot game thats for sure. They could of at least payed to use real guns names, but nope. . .they missed that too. Uhhh, the guns sound good? The anti material rifle sounded a bit weak though. Hmmm, They dont even let you use costumes in the story mode, they just kept missing up on this one.

User Info: BlueRamza

4 years ago#13
Leon's campaign, there is a Resident Evil vibe to how it is set up.
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User Info: Sen9257

4 years ago#14
this game is famous! hahaha

even if people say negative things about this it still up to you \

all i can say it cudnt be the best of the best but its worth the buck you spend.

i prefer the chris ending more than the other three..

waiting for RE7

User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#15
Neemoh posted...
There is no redeemable feature to this game. It's the absolute worst game ever.

You're welcome.

Why do you continue to post here then? I've only come to notice you just type this sort of stuff all the time.

I mean fine, you played it and you hated it and then you probably made a topic to express your dissapointment for the game.

That's all good.


Why do you continue to post in here just repeatedly saying its the worst game ever. I mean surely you would move to another game forum that you enjoy or currently playing.

Or are really lacking anything better to do then post on a forum for a game that you dislike so strongly..
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User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#16

jake meele combo

helena dat assss

leon dual gun

chris super punch

piers anti-material rifle

ada naked

carla boobs

deborah dat asss

sherry high school uniform

this game is fun, so why the hate
Kame Hame Ha

User Info: Izzythewinner

4 years ago#17
there are no redeemable qualities.
this game is a terrible disappointment and you should consider playing resident evil 4 instead, even if you already played it many times.
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User Info: CidHighwindFF7

4 years ago#18
The first 3 were terrible too.
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User Info: reaper3978

4 years ago#19
The Game.

Oh wait you want specifics? Sorry I genuinely enjoyed the game. But to pick something out I loved how the movement felt, Dodging specifically. It felt very...Weighty? I dunno how to describe it but I just loved how the movement worked.

User Info: Smashwarlocks

4 years ago#20
thedeparted94 posted...
All i can see this game is just pandering to a new audience and not the resident evil fans..

I really want to like this but i don't understand..?

so someone tell me please..

Pray tell what makes you a fan of the series? Ive been playing since 98 and I enjoy this as well as a couple of million other players. Fan is used too loosely by people.
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