Can someone give me 1 redeemable feature to this game?

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  3. Can someone give me 1 redeemable feature to this game?

User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#21
I think this is easily the best RE to date. Hands-down.

Mercs is the best, too.
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User Info: Neemoh

4 years ago#22
CidHighwindFF7 posted...
The first 3 were terrible too.

This guy gets it.

User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#23
i got one...just for me really...

infinite ammo...i think i'm good...
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User Info: xESR

4 years ago#24
I found the gameplay to be very fun and If this game was called Condoriano's Adventure instead of RE, more people would find It fun too. I've been playing RE since the first game and I'm fine with the change, If you aren't, then just stfu and go play the old games.
Kujaa posted...
Its a one shot game thats for sure. They could of at least payed to use real guns names, but nope. . .they missed that too. Uhhh, the guns sound good? The anti material rifle sounded a bit weak though. Hmmm, They dont even let you use costumes in the story mode, they just kept missing up on this one.

Weird gun names and no alternative costumes on campaign, this game sucks amirite? Buddy you just listed way too minor things that doesn't affect the gameplay and fun at all.

User Info: Crimson_Rex

4 years ago#25
You not playing it is a awesome redeeming factor to me.
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User Info: solstriderx

4 years ago#26
People just like to talk based on trends and not actual truth or fact.

Fact is that Capcom has been pissing people off, with their ridiculous business practices. Their games are great, but they are just not being fair and square with their DLC nonsense, listening to the fans about characters they would like to see in their fighting games, and canceling games we wanted (Megaman Legends 3), to which many bought a 3DS for.

IN addition, they have been doing some new changes to their core franchise like rebooting DMC, and turning Lost Planet 3 into a survival horror prequel.

Like many, I myself question the changes, and I do not like what some of them are, but make no mistake. THE GAMES LOOK AND ARE GOOD. Personally I do not like the new dante, but the game does look good and fun. UMVC3 and SF X Tekken, may not have all the characters I really wanted, but they do have a good amount and they are FUN AND GREAT GAMES. The same is the case with RE 6.

IT IS IN FACT A GREAT GAME. It has some flaws here and there, but it is still alot better than other games out there! EVERY SINGLE COMPLAINT I HAVE HEARD, IS actually something that could be tweaked by the player. This includes ammo, the running, camera, controls, everything can be either adjusted or adapted to; you just have to look at all the options. My only really complaint is that THERE IS NO MANUAL WITH THE GAME, so you might have to look online, or do some fiddling until you find a set up that works for you.

But back to the topic at hand. Why do some people think this game sucks? BECAUSE IT IS NOW THE TREND TO BASH CAPCOM. That's it. Thats all there is to it. People emotionally upset at all the messed up tactics at capcom (which they have every right to be, because it is bastardly of them)! The internet and access to camera phones have made it easy for people to voice their opinions. As such people are practicing their rights to become snobs.

Everyone loves to be a critic and everyone is amused by them (myself included). It easy for anyone with any sort of media device, to record themselves ranting, and posting it up on you tube, then feel proud of themselves for the service to humanity they provide (even if for lols).

You can tell they actually tried to make it great, as if to apologize for their previous bull. They offer us this game earlier than originally announced and provided a huge scope of gameplay Variety, and different Campaigns, filled with co-op and options to make you feel more solo if you like (Lone wolf mode). Oh and for those complaining about quicktime, RE 4 and 3 had plenty of them, they were just more subtle about it (dodging attacks at the last minute as an evasive quicktime maneuver, or running from boulders, falling into pits, ect). Yet only now they complain about them? Right.

You really expect trained characters in combat (previous RE character survivors, mercs, or military soldiers) to be helpess? It never made sense that such people would be so idiotic and useless in a zombie invasion or mutant outbreak or whatever. Since day one with RE 1, you could not expect them to drag out the scares using these factors as the premise. Heck the game is called "BIOHAZARD" which tells you what it was alway meant to become.

User Info: solstriderx

4 years ago#27
They always talked about and hinted to a full scale outbreak, and this game gives us it on multiple fronts. You cannot proceed with the story and keep it scary. NO WAY. I give them props for even trying. They do manage to a degree, but not the same it would be if you had a regular Joe. Such protagonists were never in RE, so why is everyone so shocked at the way it turned out? RE 2 was way more action oriented than RE1 (despite STARS members having Barry examine a spot of blood for hours and Jill the master of unlocking)!

People are asking what is a redeemable feature of this game? What can you clearly tell me about what is wrong with it, without contradicting yourself, so called RE fan? Controls? They sucked worse before and were naturally getting better till we got to this point with this game? Graphics? Yeah right. Plot? Yeah ok. People just hating because it is the trend. No one is looking at the game itself, and it is a very good one. (Cross play with 4 human people at key points of a story, is the single most epic thing I have ever seen a game attempt). Those who disagree with any or all of my statements, please enjoy picking them apart, as we know people always love doing that (provided you didn't fall asleep during this wall of text, or avoided this post all together because it was too long)!

User Info: durangodan

4 years ago#28
Leon's first two chapters.

The rest is garbage - overscripted, messy, boring yet desperate to be anything but.

They wanted the CoD audience, but they didn't understand that the reason CoD is so successful is because of the multiplayer. They copied the campaign - the wrong bit!
XBL gamertag: durango76uk
psn: durangodan76

User Info: Hannibal_Wesker

4 years ago#29
thedeparted94 posted...
All i can see this game is just pandering to a new audience and not the resident evil fans..

I really want to like this but i don't understand..?

so someone tell me please..

And because of that, you'll never enjoy it.

I can just imagine you sitting there with your arms crossed and your face all scruntched up going : "I DON"T LIKE IT! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?". And that's not going to help you like it.

But, if you look at, let's say RE4 (since a lot of people literally *** all over themselves over it...) and copmpare it to RE6:

RE4 is 7-10 hours long, has 3 different types of enemies, no deviation or alteration in the main gameplay, you can dodge enemy attacks when the game prompts you to and the boss battles are laughable (difficulty wise)

RE6 is 20-30 hours long, with 7 playable characters, general gameplay and area design variations from one campaign to the next (or at times, one area to the next), has too many types of enemies to bother counting, has all kinds of different level types, gameplay variety and goes out of it's way to be appealing in as many ways as it can, you can dodge any attack you want, any WAY you want, at ANY TIME, you also have a decent melee system, and the boss battles are the stuff of nightmares.

So, in short, RE6 actually kicks the living **** out of "better" games in terms of content alone.

And even if you were to compare it to the likes of RE2 (a true classic), RE6 still has more content, replay value and challenge, has flat our better gameplay and only comes up short in terms of plot and being a pure horror game. Nither of witch effects the gameplay at all.

RE6 has puzzles, exploration (in certian segments), item management, ammo hunting, no magic healing system (witch is the norm now), and actuially has everything you'd expect of a classic RE. Just spread out over a longer game and with action, RPG and shooter elements mixed in too.

I don't understand people who play the first hour of Leon's game, then decide the whole thing sucks...

I mean, you're allowed to not like it if you want, but the people who hate it never say things like: "Well, it's not for me I guess", "Meh, I don't like action games" or "I didn't like )insert gameplay element), so I find the game (insert adjective)"




Not saying OP is like that, but I can see him heading that way. Just play through the whole game, don't constantly think "IT'S NOT WHAT I WANTED!!!!!!!" the entire time, let it be what it is instead and you'll catch yourself having fun. Just don't play it like a classic RE. Use melee, slide through groups of enemies and lay mines, ect. Make use of the options present.

It's not the best game ever made, but it's a lot of fun and challenging. And 99% of current games can't claim that. If RE6 is pandering to anyone, it's real gamers, rather than the Halo and RE4 players (IE: plebs) who all hate it anyway.

That's another point I don't get. If "everyone" hates RE6, then how is it "pandering", exactly? Generally, when you "sell out" you make lots of money and everyone loves what you did.

RE6 made money, but not as much as it could, and everyone hates it...

So who are they pandering to then?

User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#30
Wow wasn't expecting huge walls of text...

Can't be arsed to read them.

Man if you didn't like RE since the change then don't bother with this game.
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