Can someone give me 1 redeemable feature to this game?

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  3. Can someone give me 1 redeemable feature to this game?

User Info: DarkRay117

5 years ago#31
Cool story, cool characters, fun game overall, I actually feel like playing it right now just thinking about it.

User Info: Pawkie07

5 years ago#32

oh wait you said redeemable nevermind......

User Info: legacygrim

5 years ago#33
One redeeming feature? You can turn it off.

User Info: nickizgr8

5 years ago#34
This game is actually good.

Most people bash it because they want to join the bash res 6 wagon. When you actually ask them what's bad about it. hey will say "because it's just bad" Like most of the comments in this topic just say "it has no redeemable qualities" and not actually say why.

This game is nothing like cod. You have a bit of shooting and suddenly it's cod?

QTE are frequent but you get used to them and you eventually just stop noticing there in the game. People complaining about a zombie grabbing them, then they have to do a QTE are the same people who would cry if the zombie grabbed you and did a set amount of damage. At least now I have a option to take less or no damage. Also if you are all really that butt hurt about QTE there are like two perks that help tremendously with QTE and if like you all say this game is like cod it is easy and you wont need the other perks.

This game is immensely fun when playing with a friend on veteran/ professional first run-through. I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of the haters played through solo on amateur.

Don't take this game too seriously either. It's not suppose to scare you like resident evil 1 might have done. Were 15 years in the future and I hope stuff you were scared off 15 years ago does not scare you now. Even so this game got my heart racing a few times when running away from strelots when I had no ammo and hearing them coming after me. Or in chapter 2 Jakes campaign.

User Info: occman

5 years ago#35
1 Redeemable Feature = BasementDude approves of this Game!

User Info: zenandi

5 years ago#36
People are just spoilt brats nowadays.

A really bad game, technically, is Alpha Protocol. (although I like it a lot.)

A really bad game, conceptually, is Fable 3.

This game is nowhere near the combined BS of those two games.

User Info: skermac

5 years ago#37
Ada and Sherry

User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#38
its actually got quite a lot of good qualities.

enemy diversity, large assortment of set pieces, different scenarios. tons of content, great mercs, some genuinely good characterizations(even some of the best in the whole series), lots of combat options in its controls.

Hannibal_Wesker posted...
RE4 is 7-10 hours long, has 3 different types of enemies, no deviation or alteration in the main gameplay, you can dodge enemy attacks when the game prompts you to and the boss battles are laughable (difficulty wise)
Wow, thats the most bull**** iv seen in one sentence in a while. RE4 is a 15-20hour game, being able to finish it in 7hours youre first time means running past nearly everything KNOWING where to go and what exactly you need to do. hell a standard run from me whos beaten this game over 20times still takes over 8hours.

Enemy diversity can boil down to the exact same in 6. youre fighting either zombies or J'avo along with bosses. of course condensing it down like that is a disservice to both games. in 4 you have the villagers, but are broken up into several categories from those who throw axes, those who use dynamite, those who spawn the parasites out of there heads, the chainsaw guys. Then you have the Zealots which also come in several flavors from the bows, the shield carriers, bullet proof mask wearers and those who use rocket launchers and throw explosives. Then you have the soldiers who carry a bit of everything including full body armor and miniguns. Then you have the more specialized enemies like Garradors, The flying insect monsters, the knight enemies, Regenerators, Iron Maidens and of course all of the bosses. Practically any RE can be boiled down like that, oh you have zombies and B.O.W's. OMG, only 2 types of enemies!

In terms of the combat i do agree that you have less options and maybe not as diverse in terms of set pieces and scenarios as 6, but 4 did have a lot of really cool set-ups like the hedgemaze, minecart ride, knight and water room, the qte knife fight, Del Lago boss battle. speaking of boss battles they wernt as grand, but they felt more satisfying without having the game needing to tell you "hey shoot this big orange part you idiot!". 6's bosses were pretty damn easy as well only MUCH longer making for more time for you to screw something up.
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User Info: Zephranthes

5 years ago#39
And here I thought TC was begging for a DLC code.

User Info: res_black_death

5 years ago#40
Hannibal_Wesker posted...
The Truth.

This guy...he speaks it
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  3. Can someone give me 1 redeemable feature to this game?

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