Which game do you think is better, Resident Evil 5 or 6?

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User Info: 19sls91

5 years ago#11
edward18 posted...
I haven't played 6, but from what I've seen 5. 6 may have been better if they didn't focus as much on action as 4 and 5 do and had a plot that wasn't so...well...whatever 6's plot was going for. Still, Chris' ending is probably the most touching and sad ending of an RE game.

You have not played 6? Then why should anyone listen to your opinion?

That's like me coming on here and saying something like, "yeah, I thinkg RE4 is better than RE5, but I never played RE5. Just saying".

User Info: kriztofer

5 years ago#12
5 was much more enjoyable less quick time events. Better level design. Fun weapon upgrades
I beat 5 but hung onto it
Beat 6 and got rid of it and went back to 5

User Info: G_Campbell

5 years ago#13
Enjoyed 5 a lot more. Played through multiple times and got the platinum trophy. Had 6 since launch and have only completed Leon's Campaign and about half way through Chris'. I love the resident evil games but I just can't get into 6.
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User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#14
6 is better than 5 because I like shooting while walking and dodge whenever I like. RE5 Campaign make me feel dizzy, but I am okay with LiN and DE and the mercs.
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User Info: finalstrike14

5 years ago#15
While I do like RE6 more. I feel RE5 was more memorable to me.
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User Info: ravenscourge

5 years ago#16
Every post in this thread is all about RE5 being better, while the poll results are clearly different.
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

5 years ago#17
ravenscourge posted...
Every post in this thread is all about RE5 being better, while the poll results are clearly different.

Cause not everybody who answers the poll has to post in the thread.

On topic though, RE5 is better then RE6. less QTE's, better graphics, story, mercs and mercs levels. RE6 is the first game in the main series i traded in after 2 weeks, once you beat the campaign and play alittle mercs it gets boring fast.

I still play 5 alot..
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User Info: godrifle1

5 years ago#18
RE5 has more quality, but RE6 has more quantity. Quantity's not a bad thing, and I certainly enjoyed RE6's quantity.

5 had better and more coherent weapon upgrades. The 9 inventory slot was tense and made sense. The quick reload really spoiled the game, in a bad way though. RE5's combat is way more boring than 6. Shoot in the head, melee, rinse repeat. 6 had a ton of more combat options, where death was possible, dodging, countering, quick shots. 6 is a revision of 5, with the numerous balances designed to make the game more interesting. I mean you can run and slide to plant a remote bomb. Just think of how slow RE5's combat went when simply raising your gun and firing each slow methodical shot was compared to 6. 6 is marred by a lot of problems, like QTEs, but it is still a great game, and in my opinion, greater than 5.

If I had to recommend a game for a weekend sitting, I'd recommend RE5.
If I had to recommend a game for a week, I'd recommend RE6.

My vote is for 6.

User Info: railway95

5 years ago#19
6 has better bosses, more puzzles and less linear areas, better co-op,better enemies more horror ( despite also having more action), better storyline, better controls, better characters and in comparison guys your all wrong RE5 has more quick time events than 6. 6 is 4X as long as five its a much bigger game so if you compare the QTEs of one campaign say leon's there is far less than in RE5.

User Info: JerickoX

5 years ago#20
They're both terrible mockeries of the franchise, but at least 6 has Leon.
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