Okay... so... impressions (spoilers)

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User Info: VIIVincent

5 years ago#21

wtf did i just read? hell no. ORC was just disgustingly bad.

i just beated Jake's part and was really not satisfied. Leon's was a blast even though the Simmons fight was a huge bs throughout it all. hoping Chris' is much better. Ustanak and Simmons gets boring really fast. i hope Chris' is at least more fun.

they should never bring back anything like Ustanak ever again. Nemesis and mr. X was tolerable because they were actually scary. Ustanak can have all his pretty weapons and disfigured face and whatnot. he's just annoying and predictable.
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User Info: BasementDude

5 years ago#22
largerock posted...
BasementDude posted...
c'mere y'all, its huggy time

Oh my.

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User Info: MadDewg

5 years ago#23
Bakyura posted...
Iunno, (some people will probably yell at me for this) I never really found RE's story to be very good, even the "side" games. I mean considering what it's about I'm not going to bother saying which has a more believable story but still.

I've only really liked the RE series for the characters (To an extent.), the gameplay, and in the older ones, the atmosphere. :x

Trust me you aren't the only one. I've also been playing the resident evil games since day 1 of the first game's release, and I used to just love playing the games because if had that B horror movie campy-like feel to its characters and plot...never took the game's plots that seriously (especially when you consider that underground labs with self destruct sequences is a dime a dozen in this universe, lol).

For me it was always about the survival type game-play (stuff like conserving bullets, health items and whatnot)...which RE 6 definitely improved on the gameplay part (QTEs aside). Now only if capcom can get back to the "conserving bullets and using them wisely" thing.
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