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User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#21
Let's just say that I thought it was 10x better then Degeneration.

Leon S Kennedy has his fusion of RE2/RE4 personality going on and they nailed it, where in Degeneration he was slightly stoic.

The usual chemistry between Ada and Leon.

Lovely surpises and references throughout too

Its a film made for the fans pretty much.
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User Info: True_Zeos

4 years ago#22
I personally loved the movie, as a long-time Resident Evil fan I was very satisfied with it. Not only did it look great, but I actually enjoyed the story. I didn't
go into the movie with high expectations either, and perhaps my love for (mostly ) all things RE makes me a little biased towards it.
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User Info: True_Zeos

4 years ago#23
I meant to put in my last message: Capcom did an awesome job making this look and feel like one of the games. There was actually a couple parts where I reached for my controller, thinking I was playing a game. It was great.
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User Info: Midnightrob

4 years ago#24
Lets see, we have a movie that as working off a story that was already sub-par to begin with. Even more so following the events of Re4 and you were expecting something mind blowing. It's a good film nothing "amazing" but definitely worth a watch, even more so if you're a fan of the series. Also Dragonaball z was great for it's time and still is to this day.... it's funny it's still going on strong t and has gotten countless enchantments over the years. Guess it says something about the series hmm? Damn some people try and act like prestigious a-holes. on gfaqs
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User Info: bernhardt123

4 years ago#25
Lol. I really enjoyed the movie.
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User Info: Stover46

4 years ago#26
From: Darkside_Hazuki | Posted: 11/19/2012 7:08:47 PM | #007
aaron, I'm not going to say anything negative about you, because you, my friend, are probably the most honest person on this board. You (and others like you) may also be the biggest problem with the RE series and how the fanbase has totally ruined it, but you could very well be the key to us coming up with a solution to that problem because at least you're willing to admit it. Cheers.

good lord people like you are pathetic and why "gamers" and nerds are mocked and laughed at
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#27
Z was just rediculous once it got to characters being able to blow up planets.
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User Info: riddlebox89

4 years ago#28
Darkside_Hazuki posted...
I've noticed that everyone whose watched great films and is very familiar with the RE series (and characters) highly dislike those CG-animated RE movies.

I think you've got the live action movies and the CGI movies mixed up, cause it's the live action ones that are highly disliked by the majority of RE fans, the CG ones are hit or miss but are generally liked, and even if they're not perfect, they're still worlds better than the live action ones.
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User Info: largerock

4 years ago#29
I really liked Damnation, while a couple parts were rather boring the characters more than made up for it. Also, please read the japanese script, it is SO much better, mainly because Leon doesn't throw out those terribad one-liners.
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User Info: Stover46

4 years ago#30
From: largerock | Posted: 11/20/2012 2:42:54 AM | #029
Also, please read the japanese script, it is SO much better, mainly because Leon doesn't throw out those terribad one-liners.

Highly doubt it. Especially since every time I see the Japanese script for most of these games, it's like a handful of minor changes in dialogue where they still mean the same thing yet you guys be like OMG USA RUINED IT lol.
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