Games been out over a month. Hype is down. Hate is down. Your rating?

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  3. Games been out over a month. Hype is down. Hate is down. Your rating?

User Info: Spade59

4 years ago#51
LiquidFuze180 posted...
The funny thing is, when this game just came out, most people (including SEVERAL people who've posted in this topic) gave incredibly positive ratings and defended the **** out of the game. It's sort of sad, really.

Yup. I'd rather laugh about it though.

User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#52
Defiently a 9.5. 5 got huge praise and 6 was better and actually had some scares to it...minus RE5's Reapers and LIN
"How about you come down here and I'll show you"- Ada Wong to Derek Simmons (RE6)

User Info: GameBeaten

4 years ago#53
Here's what I thought of Leon/Helena, Jake/Sherry, and Simmons' introductions along with some other stuff about the plot.


Suddenly pointing guns at a zombified President, who in which Leon is hesitating to shoot even though he should know due to him being a zombie he is already beyond help. His campaign really should've have shown the outbreak happening beforehand or at least signs of it. Then again, it is established the spread of the fog in Tall Oaks was from the monster you fight in the chapel, so how the hell did that thing get around enough to spread the fog in the first place?


They really could've used a cutscene of arriving in Edonia or something.

"Are you Jake?"
"Yeah, I'm Jake!"
"Come with me!"
"I'm Agent Sherry Birkin. You have antibodies to the C-virus!"
"That so?"
"Give me money."
"Let's go!"


I don't know how this guy should have been introduced, but when he is first seen it is brief and nothing special.

Leon - "Who's Simmons?"
Hunnigan - "He's the so-and-so, can't remember specifically right now."
Simmons - "Did someone mention my name? Hello. I am the villain in this game.
Leon/Helena - "Awww, nooo. Damn you. You're behind this.
Simmons - "Got to go now. See you...hardly at all."

Other stuff:

The one thing I dislike about RE6 is that files are unlockable by collecting serpent emblems. Depending if you can find all of them, you will be left out on certain elements of the plot. Which is why it is better to find files as you proceed through the game.

Then the stuff about Carla and how she became a clone of Ada. Cutscene wise, that felt very shoved in. Sure I get the general idea of how Carla came to look like Ada, but it is poorly explored. It left the impression that Simmons wanted his girlfriend to look like Ada with the added benefit of framing Ada for all the problems they caused. Ugh... Either that or I need to collect the rest o the files or read them online to see if there's something I missed.

Okay, that ends my first rant on this game. In the end, RE6 is still a little fun to play.
I've been waiting for Nintendo to reveal a handheld with the 3DS's graphics since 2003.

User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

4 years ago#54
I give it an 8 because the upcoming Versus looks interesting. If it weren't for that, it would be a good 7
AgainstMeIsBest posted...
if you have to triple post I think that means nobody cares
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  3. Games been out over a month. Hype is down. Hate is down. Your rating?

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