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User Info: ChukuPro

4 years ago#1
You and that character are in a room. It's dimly lit, and has nothing in it.

Suddenly, the character starts talking to you...

"Umm..." s/he looks at you straight in the face. "I... I don't want to be indecent, but... but I... I think I like you."

S/he grabs you and embraces you. You then notice your character is in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit. You are as well.
Suddenly, tentacles come flying out of the walls!

And then, a wall opens to reveal your parents, eyes held open by spikes to the walls and tied down, watching you, unable to look away.

What's the first 5 words to come out of your mouth?

User Info: MallyPureSmooth

4 years ago#2
I must be in japan
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User Info: darthmitten

4 years ago#3
MallyPureSmooth posted...
I must be in japan

Fever gone, but itchy. Hungry and eat doggy food. Itchy Itchy. Scott came. Ugly face so killed him. Tasty :P -Resident Evil 1 Bedroom Diary
(message deleted)

User Info: UBCS15

4 years ago#5
MallyPureSmooth posted...
I must be in japan

User Info: slapper1

4 years ago#6

*Cookie for whoever gets this reference*
Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like one!

User Info: matoda

4 years ago#7
WHAT. . . What is this ?

four words. but. still
You look well, child.

User Info: boofie

4 years ago#8
Scarier than resident evil six.

User Info: BasementDude

4 years ago#9
i must be in heaven
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User Info: Matty0289

4 years ago#10
What the f***'s going on.
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