How is this game worse than RE5?

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User Info: ebj767

4 years ago#1
I'm a huge RE fan but held off on this game since it got panned pretty much across the board. I'm a much bigger fan of the old style RE games though I liked 4 and 5 is not bad though I want the old RE style back.

Anyway, what I understand is what makes the game WORSE than RE5? They just need to make RE5 but in an urban area, which I would have preferred more anyway. How did they make a game worse than RE5? Or is it just bad becasue its too much like 5? I didn't think 5 was great but I didn't think it was bad?

Any fans of ALL the RE games that can chime in on this? I have all the other games and it feels odd not to have 6, but I want to know if its worth my time and money right now.

User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
4 years ago#2
This is what I didn't like about RE6.

-Too much QTE/Cinematic gameplay. I've played the almost the entire series (I beat 2-5, and 3/4 campaigns in 6) despite being a JRPG nerd with no business playing it.
-Inventory system in general and lack of storage.
-No money, no weapon upgrading, nothing in-game to indicate damage, reload time, or special properties of weapons.
-No minimap.

I do like the improved melee, and I like how your weapons are all on your person at once.

I don't think it's a bad game, but I don't think it's as good as 4 or 5.

User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#3
People dislike this game for several reasons:

- An abundance of QTEs and uninteractive game play . While I found the QTEs to be improved compared to 4 & 5, they're still not very fun.
- They crammed 4 campaigns, each with a slightly different style, into this game. The result is a game that doesn't have a particular identity.
- The gameplay is quite different to 4 and 5. It's much more relaxed. Many feel this is a negative. Personally, I love the game play, though it takes getting used to.
- Certain chapters are a chore to get through and others are just boring.
- Customization is gone somewhat. You find all the weapons and they can't be upgraded. The skill system acts as all purpose customization now.

It is not bad at all, though. It's certainly not a 5 star masterpiece, but it's about what I've come to expect from a Resident Evil. Corny plot, lots of shooting, mercenaries is a blast. While people are entitled to their opinions, I wouldn't listen to people who say this game is scum of the earth. If you are a big RE fan, buy it. If not, rent it and see if you like it.

User Info: karyotype

4 years ago#4
ebj767 posted...
I have all the other games and it feels odd not to have 6, but I want to know if its worth my time and money right now.

The game recently went on sale and now its OUT OF STOCK everywhere in my area. I hope this clears your dilemma

User Info: AzureVergil

4 years ago#5
The campaign in this one is not fun to replay. I had no problem replaying each difficulties of RE5 right after finishing one. This one, I stop caring after finishing Normal.

User Info: ssj_duelist

4 years ago#6
It doesn't have Wesker.

User Info: skermac

4 years ago#7
I thought RE5 was the worst in the series, 6 is much better even with too many qte's. Mercs is better in 6 too.

User Info: ruhterford22

4 years ago#8
I got the game earlier this week and I gotta say I loved it. The only thing that I wish they had not done is splitting the story 4 ways. They should of just kept it as one story and switch between characters as the story went progressed. Because of this, in my opinion it throws the story all over the place.
Must own: Blazblue CP, Resident Evil 6, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us.

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#9
I don't have problem with no money , no weapon upgrading, no minimap, no reload time, and no special weapons. I only hate the QTEs.
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