Enemy Variety and Bosses

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User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#21
occman posted...
FYI the Demo has Screen Tearing that doesn't exist in the Final Product.

This game makes me NEVER want to touch RE5 again.
RE5 is just that Outdated. You can even change the Color of your Laser Sight.
I spent 100+ hours just in the Campaign i never Touched Mercs or Online.

The Length of the game in RE6 compared to RE5 is Immense!!!
I could finish RE5 in under 3 Hours... RE5 Took me 12hours the First time.

RE6 Took me 7hours just to Complete Leon's the First time. 7hours for Chris'.
6 & 1/2hours for Jake's. 5hours for the Last Bonus Campaign.

The Only thing that bothered me slightly was Inventory.
They do it like MGS4. Here are your inventory Slots use them.

Mixing Herbs isn't a pain. But FirstAid sprays are RARE. I've spent 37hours so far with this game & used 4. I used 2 on Accident because of the "bad" inventory. Trying to get to grenades in a panic & instead healing myself.

Leon = Atmosphere, Zombies & Main Story Line.
Chris = Gunplay, BOWs, & Awesome End Story.
Jake = Runaway, Ustanak (is Awesome), & Good Cast of Main Characters.
Bonus = Puzzles, Short, & Alone.

Sorry to correct you but Leon didn't have the main story....they were all main stories! XD
"How about you come down here and I'll show you"- Ada Wong to Derek Simmons (RE6)
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