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User Info: longstorm555

4 years ago#31
MntnDewAddict posted...
longstorm555 posted...
DanielSpace79 posted...
longstorm555 posted...
oh sweetie...

' it could mean they got interrupted while it started.'

funny how you think like that now. a second ago you were telling me they had sex and that's it.

they didn't. it's common sense, learn how to read the text. if they had done it, and wanted to do it again, she would have said something among the lines of 'when are we going to repeat that night?'

that line is supposed to be 'two faced' in the sense that they meet each other outside the plot of the games or they should carry on from that kiss they shared in re2.

just because i copy pasted the files don't make it any less true, oh my god, what a crap argument. lol. the files are real, both translated and non translated state leon and ada have no love for each other.

deal. with. it.

Get your facts straight. I never interpreted it as "they had sex and that's it"- perhaps you are getting me confused with someone else you are debating with? You seem to have a few going on. As I don't know definitively, I can only conjecture, which was my point to you.

Again going with 'common sense' here, and not to be crass, but have you actually had good sex? Or sex with an emotional bond? It doesn't feel like an 'occurence', it's a 'continuum'. It's going on and off again all night, taking nap breaks, and then doing it again- the night blends in with the early morning and the feeling is of "continue" not "again" . I'm assuming your lack of experience is altering what you are perceiving 'common sense' to be between two people.

i can feel your desperation from here, sweetie.

babe, it's not my fault you get emotinally attached to everything your dick goes into. different from you, my heart does not live in my vagina and i can read the text the way it was supposed to because i'm not clouded by my feelings. besides, i'm not the one concerned with ada and leon's sex life to the point of proving it they did it.
and for the last time, they didn't have sex, it's common sense, again, and if they had done it, she would have worded it differently.

now go on, sweetie, leave me and my sex life alone, and try not to use that in your argument next time. really, it makes you look like a boy, which i'm sure you are, but you should try and be a man every once in a while.

I think the better question is who let you out of the kitchen?

i agree.
hey, daniel, you heard this fine gentleman, go back to the kitchen and cry some mainly tears for leon and ada as you make me a sandwich.

User Info: longstorm555

4 years ago#32
lol, so mntndewaddicted

your account is pretty new.
created today actually.

did you do that just for me? did you come up with that sexist joke all by yourself or did you have to google it?

so, daniel--i mean, mr. addicted, i like my sandwich cut in half, thank you very much.

User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#33
At the end of the day. Its all opinions in here with their perception of Ada and Leons relationship.

So no point trying to force your opinions as facts.

That was my take on their relationship and I'd stick with it because that's when I seen and I been with RE series since the beginning and see their relationship developing.

No matter how many times you say its common sense, its nothing more then your opinion of it.

That's how you percieved that files in RE6 but a lot of people tend to see it differently but again its OPINIONS.
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User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#34
longstorm555 posted...
DoctorOfPeppers posted...
I don't think Ada has plans on marrying Leon. Instead, she will marry her Crossbow and then have an affair with a Rocket Launcher.

And in the end, it will still be a better love story than Twilight.

dude, there could be a 'ada and two zombies' sex tape and it'd still be a better love story than twilight.

two chairs placed on top of each other would be a better love story than Twilight.
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User Info: skermac

4 years ago#35
Sad when people resort to sexist jokes when they don't agree with someone. Everyone has their opinion that's fine, how it should be.
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