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User Info: YukiMew

4 years ago#1
No, before you eat me or light me on fire, hear me out.
Okay, well, I've been a fan of Resident Evil for a long time and I've played a lot of RE games, ranging from the PS1, to the PS2, to the Ps3 and the Wii and 3DS. Here's the thing though. I was a little upset with RE5's direction so I was weary of RE6 due to the trailers. I avoided RE6 for awhile until RE5 Gold came on PSN Plus and my friend and I revisited Lost in Nightmares on veteran and we had a blast. I went back and played RE2, RE4 and I'm playing through Revelations again.

Now to the point... I want a new co-op RE game, even though I only truly loved LiN in terms of RE5 content. However, I played the demo. I was disconcerted by the whole thing.

First off: The camera was discombobulating me, It was far too close and clingy and I could barely maneuver in tight corridors. Secondly CQC was clunky and buggy, sometimes it wouldn't intiate right and with the zombies on the floor and out of regular camera view it was just messy. Thirdly The UI was a bit confusing at times but I got used to it. Now, lastly, my connection is good and so is my ping, so I can't only chalk this up to bad partners or a shoddy netcode; My partners were lagging and disappearing only to reappear ahead of me. It kind of felt like Left4Dead with zombies just absolutely swarming us.

Now here's my question: What has been fixed and made better or what are they fixing? I know this is a demo but it's almost completely turned me off from the game and I really don't want to just give up on it so easily this time.

Thank if you do decide to read this and respond.

User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#2
Not so much changes from Demo, anyway.....

if you're a loyal fan, you will eventually buy the game. If you're a fickle one, don't buy it. Save your money.
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User Info: CoiledViper

4 years ago#3
Its honestly a long rent at best.

Once you finish all campaigns and unlock the mercs characters, the fun factor drops considerably.

For every area they improved on, they screwed up two other things. EXAMPLE: improved movement, but no quick button mapped inventory and no weapon upgrades. More robust mercs mode: only three available stages and seven characters that play similar with similar loadouts.

Trust me on this, as a long time fan of the series this entry is worth a play but a worthless purchase.
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User Info: xESR

4 years ago#4
Each campaign = 5~6 hours on first playthrough. All 4 campaigns = at least 20 hours, considering, you might replay them and reach 30+ playtime. There is also mercs, that while doesn't have as many maps as RE5 mercs (It will/does have more with DLC though), people tend to find It more enjoyable. If you liked the past mercs and like playing online, you can easily get more than 10 hours on this, I haven't though, but that's mostly because I was never a big fan of mercs. Agent Hunt mode can be interesting to piss people off, but most likely not more than that, Capcom needs to work on It so the creatures can have any chance against people with infinite magnum ammo. I also heard there would be more modes added and some free DLC.

Anyway, this game isn't a masterpiece, but It can be quite fun even If you aren't a fan of the series.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#5
chances are anything you had an issue within the demo will be present in the full game. The camera can be messy as well as the melee, but you get used to them. personally i didnt have much issues with the camera provided you adjust the sensitivity, but if its closeness is a real issue then wait till mid december. capcom is going to release a patch that allows you to pan it out. As far as the melee id have it blatantly miss at times, but not too often. I found they also pan the melee on enemies pretty well when youre surrounded. You learn where to space your hits and pan the camera to the targets you want to hit. Like the camera once you learn the patterns and systems in the melee i doubt youll find many issues with it. just takes time to get used to it.

if you do decide to get this DO NOT expect any shred of classic RE. this is a full blown action game with RE characters/references and the game makes no qualms about it. That said, its more atmospheric moments beat the hell out of the stuff in 5 and quite a lot in 4. Basically keep youre expectations in check.
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User Info: DigimonTrainer

4 years ago#6
I don't know if anyone has said this yet, but TC, there is going to be a camera patch coming out in December that pulls the camera out a little bit, that way it's not so zoomed in. So that will at least address one of your qualms with the game.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#7
Why the hell would I convince you to buy this TC?
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