Why doesn't Capcom delete these?

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User Info: KillfaceDingo

5 years ago#11
skermac posted...
Cosmic_Coyote posted...
tevin1569 posted...
Cosmic_Coyote posted...
You are just jealous because you can´t get 9999999 by getting the Secret Boss to spawn AND KEEP the 3 Whoopers + the Boss alive till the end of the match to get 9999999

Are you being sarcastic? Becuase you can't get a score like that. I'm almost positive

Do what I told you above and you will see

for example in Steel beast I managed to get the Gznedo (secret Boss) to appear with Coup´d graces and at the same time I kept alive all the Napads and we killed till the end to complete the 150 combo and boom I got 9999999 score

Do this is Urban Chaor or Mining the Depths by keeping alive the Secret Boss and the 3 Whoopers with a 150 combo and you will get 9999999 scores like a boss

Congrats! I didn't think it was possible to get over 1.x million so I thought those 9999999 scores on the leaderboards were faked hack jobs. I doubt I will ever get 9999999 but my hats off to all that do, that's awesome.

lol at you
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User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

5 years ago#12
tagged as sucker
AgainstMeIsBest posted...
if you have to triple post I think that means nobody cares

User Info: Chunx907

5 years ago#13
Skermac: He's just messing with you. No, it really isn't possible to get those 999 etc. scores legitimately. For Urban Chaos at least, the highest you can get solo I'd estimate would be around 1350k (and that's with a perfect / near perfect run, countering every single enemy and doing it with maximum efficiency). Duo max scores are obviously gonna be a tad higher, but nowhere near those obviously hacked scores.

The highest legit dudes on UC solo have around 1330k at the moment.

Also, the Whoppers on UC don't even count as bosses, score-wise. Saving them does nothing. The only one you need to save for 150 is the Napad.

User Info: Pechabuster

5 years ago#14
Cartwheel_Kick posted...
tagged as sucker

Read this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/605603-resident-evil-6/64342799?page=4

And don't forget to tag Cosmic Coyote as nihilist troll
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