How bad is this game?

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User Info: chaostdk

4 years ago#21
Pechabuster posted...
Wow 4 people at once against a troll. Not bad at all. This board is rapidly losing trolls.

Now watch as he accuses members of a video game forum as part of the sheeple and pretend he is superior to all of us. (I've seen this literally more than 50 times)

he pretty much already did. go read post number 11.

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#22
I can't give this game high because lack of something and QTEs. So I gonna give 5/10.
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User Info: DarkD3stiny

4 years ago#23
KevintheDork posted...
That scale doesn't go high enough to properly rate how dorky I am.

I totally agree with you bro.
My favourite re game is re6. Yes it has flaws but its basically a better version of re4 and re5.

User Info: DarkchocolateX

4 years ago#24
Story badness 4/10
Merc 10/10

Merc hasn't been good since RE3.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#25
2-3 maybe? Its far from bad in all categories.
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User Info: largerock

4 years ago#26
KevintheDork posted...
IlDanko posted...
KevintheDork posted...
IlDanko posted...
KevintheDork posted...
That scale doesn't go high enough to properly rate how terrible this game is.

haters gonna hate.... for me 2 out of 10

It's cool, I understand that my completely valid criticism of the game may garner the typical "hater" response.

It's quite typical of those who cannot refute the hate and instead wallow in the presence of a terrible game such as this.

its impossible to refute the hate of a hater

haters only hate, and if you refute that hate they stop being haters...

nahh but being serious only because you didn't like the game it doesn't means it sucks.... for example i hate al the Crap Of Duty games, but it doesn't mean it sucks, their selling incomes proves me wrong, the same as the selling incomes from RE6 proves you wrong

That proves nothing. Millions of people listen to Justin Bieber everyday, does that make it right?

Hell to the no.

Besides, most of the human race are dorks anyway, so of course they'll buy the next Resident Evil game like mindless drones, just as people mindlessly buy Call of Duty games like drones.


OT: 6/10.
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User Info: jpv2000

4 years ago#27
tevin1569 posted...
If 1 is best I give it a 2. It's not bad by any means
& that person who was comparing RE6 to Justin Bieber, you point?

I love RE6 & I got Bieber Fever, & there is nothing wrong with it, so Get Out!!! But seriously RE6 is awesome, play it yourself & get your own opinion :)

Agreed. I love the game and am still playing it. I already have my 1000/1000 and still can't put it down.
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