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User Info: DanielSpace79

4 years ago#11
I can also help get to 1.2 or 1.3 :-)

And since we're on my favorite topic of Mercs that I can talk about at length forever....

Just thought I'd share a bizarre observation, and then a funny one.

For the last 4 days, I haven't been able to get to 150. I'm a perfectionist, so if we drop the combo, or I get too many faceplanting zombies in a row, I'll restart. Combine that with bad luck, bad timing, bad partners, bad decisions and work stress, every night I've played on U/C, it's been a bad time. Friends, randoms, etc. Even 2 people who are much better than me did horrible. Last night I decided to play U/C again, met up with a random player who had 200-300K with Sherry, and that was it. I hardly use the highest score as an assumption of skill, but I did note it. Within 10 hits, it was clear he was pretty new to the concept of mercs, (kept doing bullet kills, didn't really grab supplies), etc, but he was good enough to hold his own. Because of his scores, and my annoyance with trying to beat my top score of 1.32m, I decided to just go in and "have fun", so pressure, still countered most of the enemies out of habit, but didn't care if we held the final boss or anything.

So while he was doing his own thing- I, of course, as fate has it, played THE BEST I'd ever done. When the dog pack came out at 24-34, I countered 2 sets of 3, one I set up and one was pretty much a happy accident. Whatever route he took really made the zombie wave pattern extremely manageable. I was never overwhelmed, the spitters never did their "circle" pattern and remained in a happy line. The bloodshots came out like clockwork instead of all at once leaving perfect counter oppertunities, then I counter two leapers at the same time within seconds of each other for a 40 second bonus within a few paces. The Napad came out at like 60- he killed it, which was completely fine.

At 115-130, when U/C gets extremely intense, it just never got unmanageable. I think I maybe used 4 tablets the entire match. I countered half of those dogs, only had 2 magnum cops and 2 bsaa bloodshot shooters to deal with, and 140-150 I was able to counter almost everything. We ended up with a score like 1.23m without me even trying. It goes to show you how well you can do when you enter the game with the correct mindset..

Additionally, this morning a friend asked if I'd help him get the Pro trophy. Now I've mentioned before I haven't played this series since the start, the first one I tried was 5, so I did find some of this game to be difficult as I got used to it. The pro trophy wasn't extremely challenging for me, but definitely gave me some trouble from time to time. But I gotta say, going from Mercs to Pro Campaign, wow, what a difference. Even in the most intense situations, the difficulty was almost...well...laughable, especially with the ability to equip 3 skills. A few times my partner would get swarmed by zombies, and I'd just be patiently countering them. 2 chapters I got a medal I didn't even realize I'd get by not firing a gun because I'm just used to countering everything. Kinda funny to back and play after being so immersed in Mercs...
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User Info: skermac

4 years ago#12
slapper1 posted...

... That is all.


Who did you use? I got my first million on UC using Sherry. I still haven't been able to get anywhere near a million on single play on any map, but I never really play single anymore. All online.

User Info: Stover46

4 years ago#13
From: skermac | Posted: 11/30/2012 4:04:42 PM | #012
Who did you use?

From: slapper1 | Posted: 11/30/2012 9:41:20 AM | #008
I used Carla and my partner used Jake. Gotta love those nitrogen rounds.
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User Info: Noxotic

4 years ago#14
Felt that proud when I hit 1.4 m. Got excited lol

User Info: slapper1

4 years ago#15
@DanielSpace79: Interesting observation. I find that after several stress filled Mercs matches where nothing goes to plan, forgoing my perfectionism and just playing for fun really helps in performing well. Stress can weigh you down so much in Mercs (especially on UC) and when you don't let it control you, you'll perform far better then trying to go for that perfect run when stressed out.

@skermac: Thanks mate. As Stover46 quoted, I used Carla while my partner used Jake. Playing solo is less fun on Mercs but I find it useful for exploring maps and understanding enemy spawn patterns for when I play Duo.

@Stover46: Thanks for answering the above poster's question ;)

@Noxotic: Yeah, it really feels great. I highly doubt that I'll ever break 1.4 million, so accomplishing my 1.3 million goal feels so amazing. Congrats on the epic score by the way *Does a Leon Kennedy stiff arm thumbs up*
Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like one!

User Info: Stover46

4 years ago#16
I was just playing mining the depths with a jake player, who shot a grenade at a zombie while I was waiting for a counter, bringing me to critical health with his grenade, and then getting me killed, then he had the nerve to msg me and blame me for dying. LMAO

to break 1.4 you need to just counter everything right?
3DS FC: 4167-5373-4749 PSN: OLKv2

User Info: slapper1

4 years ago#17
^ Lol, sorry about your a****** partner man. To break 1.4 million on UC, you need roughly 19 minutes and 30 seconds on the clock. This changes slightly based on if someone has Limit Breaker equipped or if the combo bonus were activated for the first 10 kills only, but that is roughly what you need. Getting 1.4 million is probably the easiest on Steel Beast or High Sea Fortress thanks to the enemies being worth so many more points per kill then on UC or MtD (getting a perfect 150 combo on Steel Beast gets you close to 100,000 points just in enemy kills compared to about 45,000 on UC).
Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like one!

User Info: B1GB0SS_86

4 years ago#18
I found that it really helps when u jump in a game with a japanese player. They are really good. The understand the whole concept of mercs and will almost never let the combo drop at all.
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