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User Info: Billysan

5 years ago#11
Something to remember about the c-virus is that it heats up the body. Although I'm pretty sure this is only for the "living" infected.
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User Info: DanielSpace79

5 years ago#12
For some odd reason- I never really batted an eye in RE6 as zombies came attacking armed with Pipes, Broken Glass, Axes, Nine-Irons, Guns, Dynamites, Torches, Cylinders, and even ancient Fire Extinguishers- but the one I can't seem to get past is the clean looking Champagne Bottles- for some odd reason, THATS the one that I just find myself going "wtf" in...
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User Info: largerock

5 years ago#13
Well lemme ask you this....Why are there Dragons Dogma Zombies in the catacombs?

Obviously Morpheus is arming them.
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