Should I be careful about using ammo in this game?

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  3. Should I be careful about using ammo in this game?

User Info: Oreos74

5 years ago#1
last console RE game i played was 4 and i was pretty stingy on ammo. If i encounter one zombie i'll knife and kick. If it's a horde, i'll shoot one and do a kick so i knock down all of em. Then just knife them on the ground. Should i be using a similar strategy in this game? I've been using the melee R1 a lot lately. Just started playing, im in the sewers

User Info: Pechabuster

5 years ago#2
You can pretty much do whatever you want if you're on amateur and normal. You better start conserving stuff on the higher difficulties though.

User Info: Oreos74

5 years ago#3
i started on veteran

User Info: Candy__Girl

5 years ago#4
What difficulty are you on?

For the most part, I wouldn't worry to much about saving your ammo unless you started on Pro and you don't yet have any skills equipped.

User Info: MallyPureSmooth

5 years ago#5
Somewhat, it is possible to run out of ammo, but if you use a good amount of melee then you'll be fine.
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User Info: Candy__Girl

5 years ago#6
I also started on Vet my first run through. I wasn't too stingy with my ammo but I do go for accuracy so that usually helpe me not go though all my ammo right away. I ran out of ammo on some of the larger boss fights towards the end of the campaigns, so I guess the only word of advice is to conserve ammo near the end of the campaigns.

User Info: cuttin_in_town

5 years ago#7
I've played each campaign on Pro, in Co-op (With item drop skill), and can say... No, ammo is not an issue. Unless you spray at everything, ammo shouldn't be an issue.

The only exception may be Chris' campaign, because at one point, Chris was on knife duty from our lack of ammo >_>

Leon has bullet sponge bosses (On Pro, at least), but you should be fine on Vet.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#8
chris' campaign is the only one thats notorious for lack of ammo. The rest you can just wing it, but crhis' you need to play it a bit more carefully. That said there are skills that can help you like the item drop increase and being able to pick up extra ammo for certain weapons. Those ease the pain somewhat.
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User Info: jackstar_rock

5 years ago#9
I completed Pro on my first run, and the only thing difficult about it is cause it was my first run. I had no idea where to farm for ammo. But after completing it once, I can safely say there are designated farming stages. This isn't RE4, where after the player passes a certain stage you cannot backtrack. For RE5/6, an autosave system records the player's current inventory + you get to replay stages you've cleared once, resulting in resource farming.

So...abuse away. ^

The 2nd thing is the new melee mechanics and counter system in RE6 makes every enemy a breeze to take down - even on Pro. The only 2 downsides are you cannot melee bosses, and if you're farming kills to unlock weapon mastery skills relying on melee for 70% of the game is obviously going to screw that goal over.

I'm sure everyone have their favorite farm spots. These are some of mine:

Leon: chapters 1 and 2 have plenty of health and ammo items. 3 is basically a drain on resources, but once you hit 4 you're golden. On top of 2 magnum ammo right off the bat, you've access to 3 green herbs as well. Fill up those tablets to 17!

On a sidenote, Leon does not need anywhere near 160 magnum ammo to finish the game. You will probably do fine with just 30~40 if you're really inclined to use the magnum. His AR, sniper rifle and shotgun are all you need.

Chris: Chapter 3 all the way. Lots of shotgun + grenade launcher ammo, including health items. For Chris, you might want to farm 4-1 for some sniper ammo to use in his chapter 5. For Piers, he needs as much health items as he can get his hands for a solo segment in chapter 5 and if possible some AMR ammo. Piers does not need high powered shotgun/explosive rounds in chapter 5.

Jake: I've never really farmed for ammo in his campaign, since it was the 3rd that I've played and I've gotten used to the game's mechanics by now. Instead it was all about using Defense 3 + Combat Gauge Boost + Melee 3 for some of the solo segments. His boss fights aren't that hard and I've probably fired off a total of no more than 20 magnum shots in his entire campaign.

Ada: chapter 1-1. The only annoying thing about filling up 17 health tablets is to get through the damn puzzle room, where the puzzle pieces all look alike. =/

edit: I equipped Defense 3 + targeted ammo drop + Increased Item Drop when doing Ada' 1-1. I did not really notice a large amount of shotgun shells/rifle ammo drops when doing my farming runs, about an estimated 10~20%? Increased ammo X type skills do help, but only marginally.

User Info: largerock

5 years ago#10
On Chris's Campaign mainly. The others? Not as much.
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