What is everyone playing besides RE6?

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User Info: Missable_Item

5 years ago#21
I'm currently playing RE2, which in my opinion is the best Resident Evil. I have played the n64 version, psone version and gamecube version multiple times each.

I have ordered the psone version off amazon so should be recieving that soon. I also downloaded the dualshock psn edition earlier as well.

As far as i'm concerned RE2 is only beaten in pure survival horror by the gamecube RE1 remake.

I'm also playing FF9, FFTactics, and will soon be getting Valkyria Chronicles.I might have mispelled this one.

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User Info: ridley723

5 years ago#22
Going for my third run on RE4 starting with the default weapons and just started Dead Space last weekend. Also bought Dead Space 2 which will be played once I beat the first one.

Also, KOF 13 sparingly, but I'm beyond terrible at that game...

User Info: shotyme

5 years ago#23
As of today Far Cry 3,NBA 2k13,WWE 13,Ncaa Football 13,Persona 4 Arena,Xenogears(PSN), and REmake for the cube.
Now Playing-DoA5,P4A,TTT2,Borderlands 2,Xenoblade Chronicles,NCAA FB 13,RE6,Dishonored,NBA 2k13
Waiting-AC3,Dead Space 3,WWE 13,Last of Us,Dragon's Crown

User Info: skermac

5 years ago#24
greenrick41 posted...
Silent Hill Book Of Memories
Playstation All Stars
Dead Or Alive 5
Okami HD
Sonic Adventure 2 HD

I'm not playing all of them a lot. I'll play like 15 minutes here or there every few days, not really excited to play games anymore for some reason

Is DOA5 any good? I'm thinking about getting it.

User Info: gamestop27

5 years ago#25
Tekken 6
Sengoku Basara 3
Tomb Raider Trilogy
Gundam Extreme Vs.
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User Info: Similac

5 years ago#26
Hitman absolution

User Info: Volren617

5 years ago#27
NBA 2K12
RE6 - mainly just (slowly) playing through all the chapters in various difficulties as well as Mercenaries
Spacechem (utterly addicted, I wander around my house with my tablet permanently in hand)

User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#28
Borderlands 2 and the Metal Gear Solid HD collection.
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User Info: Aaron_G

5 years ago#29
I'm going through a Resident Evil phase right now so:

Resident Evil 6 (Disliked at first, now I love it. Been playing the hell outta Mercenaries)

Operation Raccoon city (Love this game! Can't believe it got bashed so much. Just wish it had offline multiplayer so I could play Heroes mode with bots or something after the online community eventually dies)

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Played the HELL out of RE5 in the past and I got PS+ recently so I got the Gold Edition for free. Haven't played it much yet but I'm eager to play Lost in Nightmares and Versus mode)

I'm going out of town this weekend to visit a friend, and after owning a 3DS w/ only one 3DS game for over a year (LoZ:OoT) I went and bought RE:Revelations for $30 new. I've only played it for a little but I already know I'm going to like it a lot.

And Black Ops 2
PSN: Aaron_G__

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

5 years ago#30
Halo 4, and the latest Prof Layton (Miracle Mask?).
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