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User Info: Antlovers

4 years ago#1
I tried adding a buch of people from the forum but was not able to.....I know there is a popular topic on this already but thought that it would be helpful to open a new one for people that are lacking site buddies.

If moderators deem this topic inappropriate then please delete it however I thought that it would be a good idea.

Nickname: 341841

User Info: SupaCaleb0

4 years ago#2
If 50 is the max, I am like 5 away.

SupaFella0 - A descriptive definition to the overused word "Angst".

User Info: Schillinger

4 years ago#3
No idea what the limit is but I'm currently on 76. The more the merrier!
Username: Anthropomancer
PSN: Anthropomancer

User Info: DarkFlameSusano

4 years ago#4
Online ID: Zero_Loveless

Nick Name: Zero Loveless
PSN: Zero__Loveless
GT: NeoDeus634

User Info: GameCoder

4 years ago#5
I want to help too eventhough I already have 50. I think the limit is 100.

Nickname: Gamecoder Nickname: Gamecoder -- add me please ^_^ (64/100 Site Buddies)

User Info: danhawk911

4 years ago#6
id is danhawk
Nobody needs me, everybody should die.--Ikari Shinji
Duckbear the hero of the lue. let his legend live

User Info: DirtyMick

4 years ago#7
Psn DurtyMick Dirtymick
Six words, two commas, one period.

User Info: viper9x

4 years ago#8
id is viper9x

User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#9
PSN: SmAsHnOrIgIn88
RE.Net: ThePillowMan88

User Info: Aaron_G

4 years ago#10
Nickname: Aaron_G

I'll gladly accept anyone who sends a request. You guys helped me out when I was trying to get the Web Badges and now I'll return the favor!
PSN: Aaron_G__
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