God damn elitist ********s

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User Info: DanielSpace79

4 years ago#131
Meteorites posted...
No, you were definitely playing as Jake. I still remember the vivid image of you getting bitten by the dogs before resetting and praising me. And you know, because the messages were completely different. You didn't say "nice" and I didn't say "good work" and I didn't good work you for the entire game like descriped. There's also how I didn't post this until several days after our game (when in fact, this incident happened almost immediately before my posting). There were so many differences, you'd have to have a pretty ***** memory to get it wrong.

Then your 'vivid memory' is incorrect. Jake doesn't say 'Good Job' so you might want to check your memory before insulting mine ;-).
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User Info: Meteorites

4 years ago#132
Wait, didn't you change characters after I disconnected? It's possible you were playing as both, but I definitely remember you being Jake and getting bitten by dogs. You had 1.35 mill as him, if I recall correctly. Still, who you played as is pretty trivial compared to the entire paragraph I wrote descriping the incident. Almost nothing matched the experience, and I Piers doesn't says good work either. I think he says good one. I was playing as Leon in the opening post, who says good work.
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