Dear "Time Bonus +" What is the point of you?

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  3. Dear "Time Bonus +" What is the point of you?

User Info: Crimson_Rex

4 years ago#21
I'm a simple guy myself, get time to max at start and keep the combo going untill the end.
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User Info: Mitochondri0n

4 years ago#22
19sls91 posted...
Playing with Time Bonus + with partners is just a mixed bag. That's the conclusion I've come to.

What I mean is, yeah, I still run into people who don't know that this is not a shared perk. That's fine. They didn't know.

Other times I'll play with beast players and friends that I am positive, know better. I know they do. Based on their scores and their abilities I know that they understand the game. But they'll hit timers anyway.

I think that sometimes players will determine what is going to benefit the combo best and just roll with it. If they are good players it's nothing for them to hit a timer on spawn, then begin the melee (+10) process. Because in the end, maybe all of those counters will equalize or outperform TB+ when you're really rolling in a duo match. It really is about getting all of the +10's that you can get. And your partner (who has TB+ equipped) may not be in a position to grab a remaining timer or two. They have to be picked up tho.

It's a judgement call IMHO, as long as the partner without TB+ equipped has not hit 3 or 4 timers.

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User Info: Unfoolish

4 years ago#23
Time Bonus+ is nice, I call it "Prep Time" which means I get to collect ALL my items first then start the game.

If there is anything that annoys me is when my random partner does not collect stuff and kills the first enemy in sight then I see their health slowly turn yellow and as always predicted they have no health items and I must be near at all times within reach because of dying status.

I also found it funny this one PRO 1.4million high score player started the match immediately in Mercenaries spamming Jake's command "GO GET 'EM!" nonstop to ME while I had no health items and I kept the combo as I went along. What do you know next.. he gets attacked and dies. Restarted the match then HE dropped the combo. First of all, don't tell me what the **** to do when I know what I'm ****ing doing, you are not my boss and are you paying me? Really... some players take this game way too seriously.

Just needed to vent, this is exactly why I dislike High Score Hijinks players in particular. I ran into one just awhile ago, he died and it wasn't my fault it's hilarious. I just want to play for fun and every once in awhile I like to go for the 150th hidden boss challenge to make it interesting...just imagine the amount of stress on players who do this every day LOL

User Info: Delta0126

4 years ago#24
19sls91 posted...
In all honesty, your partner just seems like a bad player. I think you give him too much credit.

If a good player has time bonus + equipped and doesn't get timers initially, that's fine. They know what they are doing, i.e. working their way towards timers during combat. But you mentioned him shooting things with his rifle. That's what grabbed my attention. I'm assuming you meant he was shooting and killing with the rifle. Anyone who does those two things in combination is obviously clueless. All of your bonuses come from meleeing enemies. Anyone who sits back with their rifle and kills is not worth playing with, if you want to score any points. The 150 combo with a 1.1 Mill score is all fine and good I suppose, if you're in to mediocrity. Find another partner.

Ah, yeah I know that, but this guy really didn't seem to want to get Time Bonuses the first two tries and like I mentioned he just literally dropped everything once I started killing things. Eh, maybe he was a bad player, maybe not, and in all honesty I really don't care about score at all and I primarily host Playing for Fun rooms; You wanna use a certain character? That's fine. You wanna use a certain skill? That's fine. You wanna just shoot things and not melee or counter? That's fine too. The only thing that I would really want someone to do is to keep themselves alive, I don't care what they do or if they go off on their own as long as they can handle it.

However, the funny thing is in referring to score, when I started hosting lobbies I didn't have much of any one million characters, technically one being Sherry Costume 1, and now I'm pretty much averaging 1.1 - 1.2 million all the time, I know not really a great score now a days maybe way back when the game was first released yeah, but the thing is I hardly ever got in the millions joining people or hell even finishing the match half of the time. I've even gotten several messages of thanks from hosting as well as a bunch of friend requests, mostly from Japanese people and I seriously wish I knew what they were messaging me, probably 'Thanks' as well, but still. That isn't to say I haven't had my share of bad matches though, I've had a couple where I had to continue a bunch of times with the worst being around 5 or 6 times, however the guy stuck it out and we finished eventually, we played another match and he left so he probably appreciated me not kicking him or sending him an angry message, I don't know maybe, he didn't message me or anything.

Even had matches where after a couple of tries they left in the middle of a match, which is fine, like I said in another thread, if they really want to leave they'll leave, they can go cool off or maybe find another match with a map/enemies they're more suited for.

Mostly started hosting matches because apparently not a lot of people think the way I do when hosting 'Playing for Fun' rooms, usually it seems like they're thinking in the 'High Score Hunks' area as I've been in a bunch where they restarted after we broke the combo, I know I know "But you're joining their game so it's pretty much their rules." and I understand that, I'm just wondering why they put 'Playing for Fun' (or maybe they were in a hurry and didn't realize it?) when they seem to want 'High Score Hunks', also the other reason I started hosting matches is apparently people don't like Mining the Depths as all it ever seems to be filled with Urban Chaos (I don't have Map Pack A though, but still), I do somewhat understand that as it seems UC seems to be the new Public Assembly, though personally MtD is more like PA to me.
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User Info: darkvoid2100

4 years ago#25
The extra time in duo it would take you to run around and collect the extra time crystals by yourself would actually make you lose more time.
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